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The native names for these discs are like this
but right above 「4月号」on the box I have is the year 「2006」,
so shouldn't it be like this

It's the same for every Gekkan Nintendo box I've seen a picture of.

(I've been using [U+3000] instead of the actual character as it is auto-deleted by the forum)

edit: on the side of the disc its「2006[U+3000]月刊任天堂店頭デモ[U+3000]4月号」, so now I'm not so sure.

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Also, should the romanised name really have the full date in it? I know the full date is in "western" form on the front of the box and disc, but that sort of date is really international. Shouldn't the romanised name be "Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo 2006.4/4.2006 [Issue]" or "Gekkan Nintendo Tentou Demo May 2006 [Issue]" and the full date be noted in the comments?

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Able to dump: GC , Wii, Wii U | GBA, DS(i), 3DS

The earlier discs (2002 to early 2003) don't have the year printed on the box front/spine or the disc. I used the 2xxx.x.x format for the filenames, since that is present on all of the discs.

The year on the spine is separated from the 「月刊任天堂店頭デモ #月号」 title, so I think it's okay to omit it from the Japanese title. It would be good to check how it's formatted on the main menu (if it is displayed there).