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Thanks to Maddog for the info:

Golf Shiyou yo Kouryaku Pack (T-40903M) is in the Wiki as Missing release.

We already have this one:


According to Maddog --> http://dcemulation.org/dumpcast/viewtop … amp;t=2023

This one is a blatant cash-in by its' publisher. Which I actually think is Softmax, although the game has the Bottom Up logos everywhere. The old sega.jp page for the game lists Softmax.
It is known that when Bottom Up went bust, Softmax got their rights and actually even published a version of Golf Shiyouyo with same cover but using their logo (I still haven't got my hands on that release but I have seen pictures on Ebay-it appears to be somewhat more rare than the Bottom Up version). At least for a while they also kept selling the game with the Bottom Up logo as well and using Bottom Up's publisher number, before switching to their own.
The other scenario would be a desperate Bottom Up republishing the same game in hopes of getting some extra cash before going bust.
Need to investigate a little further when I have time, but I strongly favor the Softmax scenario.

Anyway, long story short. The disc itself is identical to the disc found in Bottom Up's vanilla version of Golf Shiyouyo and the only differences are the new name, cover art, boxcode and barcode and that it includes a rubbishy 12-page leaflet named "Capture Note". I am sure that whoever paid 3980 yen for that would feel cheated if they already had the previous release...  tongue

Should be moved to the missing releases, then, not removed.

https://segaretro.org/Golf_Shiyouyo_Kouryaku_Pack -- SegaRetro claims the game itself is different to the normal release, though.