Game Title: Star Fighter
I bought this in America, so I guess this is a (USA, Europe) disc.

Serial: None on disc label

Mastering Ring Code: a Allied Record Company    A1952 CE 02378-2 R71

The "a" at the beginning of the ringcode appears to be the Allied Record Company logo. I'm not sure how you want that written down.
Mastering SID Code: None
Mould SID Code: None. But this seems to be consistent with other Allied Record Company 3DO discs.
Toolstamp: ARC *M1 S1
Additional Mould Text: None


CATALOG 0000000000000
FILE "Star Fighter (USA).bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
Dat: <rom name="Star Fighter (USA).bin" size="530916960" crc="722f6c48" md5="c30cc5f54ade46c70bcc5301e7c85b27" sha1="c69a766dc8c46ada66d181812b417351bea515fc" />

Error count: [NO ERROR] User data vs. ecc/edc match all
Write Offset: +222

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