I have a few PS3 (101 Discs), PS4 (56 Discs) and around 100 Sega RingWide/Edge/Edge2/Nu/Nu1.1 Discs.
I'd like to contribute to the cause and therefore request an account.

If needed I can provide proof in form of pictures that I do have the discs.
Apart from a BD drive for the PS4 games, I'm in possession of everything I need to dump the PS3 games (which I would like to start with), but I'd need help with the Arcade discs.

I hope I can help you out and get invited smile

Thank you and kindest regards,



I tried to request a password now two times with the given E-Mail address, but still nothing happened.
Also I wrote a mail to the admins, also without a reply sad

Is my mail address blocked on your side maybe?


Thanks that worked!