[Put this off for about three months.]

Finally going to contribute to the collection. :)

An entirely different PC build was set up (running Windows XP Pro, admittedly) for this purpose, based on an old Intel SAI2 motherboard. I have obtained a Plextor Ultraplex 40max CD-ROM drive (PX-40TSi, 50-pin version) and, only recently, two Plextor PX-760A DVD-RW drives. I do also own a Plextor PX-63CS CD-ROM drive, however, I cannot invoke D8 with that drive using DiscImageCreator.

I do actually have some CDs in my IBM-PC Compatible CD collection that are not on the list, primarily pre-2004 CDs (read: a LOT of 90s era CDs and a few from 2000-2003). Some of those CDs range from obscure to rare. Very few I have are post-2004.