"Tales of Destiny 2 (Japan) (4, 5)" for http://redump.org/disc/15921/ would look weird, IMO. On the other hand, I can't completely agree with the versions in filenames in such cases: http://redump.org/disc/31934/ http://redump.org/disc/25815/ - v1.20 and v2.00 mean absolutely nothing. These should be either "7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (v1.0)"/"7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (v1.1)" or "7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (1)"/"7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (3)". Dunno. Maybe worth to use the Saturn/DC naming here and call these "7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (1M)"/"7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (3M)" where M means Matrix, though, Saturn and DC have these Ms on their rings. Maybe something like "7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (Matrix 1)"/"7 (Seven) - Molmorth no Kiheitai (Japan) (Matrix 3)". We need to show the undumped ringcodes, not some useless internal versions. Same for PS1, Neo-Geo CD and other similar cases.

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I do definitely prefer revisions, or "start at v1.00" versions to "v1.20, v1.21" etc, but if the former isn't available, isn't it better to have the latter than have nothing? Unless there is a better way to differentiate them, like edition.