I'm new to Redump but I love what are you doing here. Preserving the gaming history as accurately as possible it's remarkable and I want to help you to contribute with what I can.

I have a huge library of PS3 games and some PC games that might be useful to submit. I can definitely help to dump some games or send to those who can dump them. Currently, I'm already done making a list of PS3 games you need and started to dump some of my DVD PC games.

Also, I've managed to find a game that wasn't in the database yet. It was Burn:Cycle for CD-i, Italian version, it wasn't even listed in the Redump site so it's my pleasure to buy it for the community.

We really shall preserve history here, and as much as I love gaming, if we don't secure them, they will be lost forever.

Thank you for accepting me in your community.

It's a pleasure to help you guys.

Greetings from Italy.