Topic: [ADDED][PS2] 1x Demo CD addition

Normally I'd submit these directly with the form, but CDs are a bit much. Here's what I've got.

Game title: Sly 2: Band of Thieves (E3 demo)
Languages: untested
Version: 1.00
Edition: Demo (E3 specific, in fact)
Media: CD
Barcode: 7 11719 74152 7
Serial: SCUS 97415
Ring: PTRM-006385 2 IFPI L327 A04 IFPI S0FB

Would be useful to know what data should be put into the form fields for these so I can do it myself in the future

The dumping guide says to attach the c2, cue, dat, ccd, and txt files output from DiscImageCreator. When zipped these files are 4.6MB; the forums do not allow attachments of this size. Maybe the guide should be updated? The culprits are the subReadable.txt file and the .sub file.

Here is a dropbox link:

Re: [ADDED][PS2] 1x Demo CD addition

Thanks for the submission. Please verify exe date is 2004-04-12 and also get the error count.

Re: [ADDED][PS2] 1x Demo CD addition

Yes, that date is correct.

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