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...with new system splits fyi. Discs menu that is. Chrome/Win 10 here.

Works great on my tablet's vertical screen though

With "menu" you mean the downloads menu on the main page ?

You should be able to scroll down though.

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Both Discs and Downloads are too long, but Downloads is the most problematic.

It's input device and browser specific, but in certain configurations it is too easy for the menu to disappear after you've clicked on a download, or if you move off the edge of the menu accidentally while scrolling down. So you have to scroll all the way back up to make it appear again, and be careful when you scroll back down.

A sub page for discs and downloads would be more accessibility friendly.

Examples on Surface Pro Win 10:

Microsoft Edge, Touch Screen: Impossible to use menu
Microsoft Edge, Mouse: Need to keep mouse within popup menu otherwise it disappears
Chrome, Touch Screen: Menu sticks now matter where you press or drag, this is actually the most usable
Chrome, Mouse: Same as Edge, Mouse