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Topic: CDi + VCD (1 verify 1 new)

dumped by redsector with ISO Buster from romshepherd with my instruction

Barcode: 8 712581 001988
Serial: 810 0198

CD1 (Game) matches: http://redump.org/disc/16855/
Serial: 810 0283
Ringcode: 6901332V109 50507842 01>

CD2 (Movie) different checksums than http://redump.org/disc/17201/
Serial: 810 0284
Ringcode: 6901338V202 50507846 01>

Track 1
Size: 7938000
CRC 32: b9b92407
MD5: 9a6d999195010590f6133d9aba254c07
SHA1: 76d5371996b9b576b806494486fd8dd4dcfe1dc4

Track 2
Size: 1587600
CRC 32: 8840413a
MD5: 86531540b54f4aa10176cd2cceae63b9

Track 3
Size: 1411200
CRC 32: 9e1762b7
MD5: 1761f2aa42df745b7a816a61e7cb0050

Track 4
Size: 705282480
CRC 32: 1783c937
MD5: 13e4ddceb72920dfdf48f12be9056bbe

Re: CDi + VCD (1 verify 1 new)

CloneCD image you've sent me was dumped with disabled .sub reading (should be enabled in the profile), that's the reason for missing gaps and wrong track sizes. But even if to fix the tracks sizes with the remove.exe tool, tracks 1 and 4 checksums differ, no idea, why. The one in db was also dumped with CloneCD and IsoBuster.

Ringcode: 6901332V109 50507842 01>

Ringcode: 6901338V202 50507846 01>

What's about IFPIs? Mould texts? Painday's "MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC" is probably incomplete, needs to be verified.

Re: CDi + VCD (1 verify 1 new)

I am constantly reminded that you guys are technical wizards and I am but a hobbit.

Sweep this post into the banished realm of Discarded dumps subforum.

Re: CDi + VCD (1 verify 1 new)

Well, it can't be discarded until we understand which of the 2 dumps (painday's or this one) is wrong.

Ask him, please, to provide the complete ringcodes including the mould and the proper clonecd dump with the subchannels reading enabled. Haven't used it for ages, but, IIRC, you need to right-click on the dumping profile and on one of the tabs there should be 2 checkboxes - 1 for reading the data track subchannels, 1 for reading the audio track subchannels. Or use the preset for dumping the protected PC games.