Hi there!

My name is Rodrigo, I'm from Brazil and I'm 29yo.

I encountered this website through a random post of a random forum.

Thanks again smile

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Hi Shadowolf, thanks for your post. You will find absolutely no roms here, we are a reference site for collectors (including many that share on those types of sites). Redump is a simply preservation database for building a dat smile

If you have any original games on on our miss lists - or are interested in buying some like Brazilian exclusive Sega Saturn & Sega CD that would be an enormous help, since these discs are unavailable to others. We have another Brazilian user here I can put you in touch with if this sounds like something you're interested in doing smile Thanks!

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@iR0b0t, maybe better to close registrations if you just accept anyone without reading their messages? 95% of new registrations never submit a dump anyway.

I did read his message. Nobody gets a dumper status by default, and if he wants to be a member here i won't refuse his member application.

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