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Topic: [ADDED][NEW] [PS2] EyeToy Antigrav Demo (NTSC U/C)

Here goes my first dump; please let me know if I screwed up somewhere, otherwise I'll go ahead and continue dumping other discs.

Game title: EyeToy Antigrav Demo (NTSC U/C)
Disc title: N/A
Game languages: English
Version: 1.00
Edition: Original NFR Demo
Media: DVD-5
Barcode: N/A
Serial number: SCUS-97438
Ring code info: IFPI L332, PDSS-015335A 1, 1; mould IFPI QW9D
.dat and .txt files:
https://mega.nz/#!ssgXyILC!rK0QVDAPsA3U … gh47YCwKVo

Re: [ADDED][NEW] [PS2] EyeToy Antigrav Demo (NTSC U/C)

Thanks for the submission!

Please confirm  exe date (date of SCUS_974.38 file in isobuster with local time stamp set) is 2004-04-21. Any toolstamp on disc (small number stamped on ring)?

Also can you provide a picture or scan of front of entire disc and sleeve (if you have it), as there is not much info out there on this demo.

Re: [ADDED][NEW] [PS2] EyeToy Antigrav Demo (NTSC U/C)

Awesome! Thanks smile

exe date is indeed 2004-04-21.
No toolstamp I can see on disc.

Here are the scans (top and bottom of disc; I bought it as-is, no sleeve):
https://mega.nz/#!xk4gVDhK!bYUSaVq5VOrs … 56-nyXfTKE
https://mega.nz/#!c8IS1SBI!XnGnS9fVf837 … lEZXJHi4ck

Re: [ADDED][NEW] [PS2] EyeToy Antigrav Demo (NTSC U/C)

There is a toolstamp, it is B01.

Thanks for those pics!

Re: [ADDED][NEW] [PS2] EyeToy Antigrav Demo (NTSC U/C)

LOL! Would have never thought that's a toolstamp tongue
Thanks for enlightening me smile