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I have buyed the missing disc SLES-01966 with the Italian name "Le Avventure di Monkey Hero".
After i have dumped the game i can see that the checksum match perfectly with the entry already present in database so while the external serial stamped on disc and cover is SLES-01966 the internal serial of the disc is always SLES-00979.
Even the ringcode and the mould sid code that are in the database are exactly the same, so that they basically only localized the title on the disc and on the cover.
psxt001z doesn't give any output because the system files are not in the root of the disc but inside another folder, but of course the exe date matches too.
At this point it's merely an addition to the database but not a new dump, so that's why i'm writing this new topic on the board.
Logs download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1u50Tz … plFCyiqLYL
I forgot to add the barcode, so that's why i edited the post: 5 026555 190121

Thanks for verifying this new serial number!