Requested an account 2-3 years ago but now my account is gone, i dont know if you have a server crash or something so my account disappeared in a rollback of the database or something.

Have about 600-700 PS2 games, have not counted them in a long time
100 PS1 games
150 Xbox org games
100 Xbox 360 games
50 PSP games
70 PS3 games

Got hardware to dump all of them exept for PS1 since my plextor drive died hmm
Last time i dident have time to dump any games and send the info here because life, but i still feel the need to contribute.

Would be nice if i can be a part of this site again smile

Welcome, please obtain your password here.

(also check the spam folder in case there will be no message in your inbox)

PX-760A (+30), PX-W4824TA (+98), GSA-H42L (+667), GDR-8164B (+102), SH-D162D (+6), SOHD-167T (+12)