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Not a mention of "Looney Tunes" in the title anywhere. Where does it come from? Just because it's a game with Looney Tunes characters? That doesn't make it part of the title :<

Bump. This is a common thing with licensed games on e.g. DreamWorks, Disney, Nickelodeon etc.

Sometimes the company/studio logo is placed near the artwork and people have taken it as part of the title, but the spine and the manual will still show the game name in plain text without the logo. Others actually put the studio as part of the title e.g. Disney/Pixar WALL-E (the spine for this game actually shows Disney·Pixar WALL·E with small dot separators rather than a slash or hyphen, but this might just be a limitation of the database). It is probably less noticeable on NTSC titles where they simply use a tiny version of the front cover logo rather than plain text, although the title should still be printed in plain text in the manual or in the small print elsewhere.