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Topic: [ADDED][IBM PC] Gears of Dragoon: Meikyuu no Uroboros

  • Game Title: Gears of Dragoon: Meikyuu no Uroboros (GEARS of DRAGOON~迷宮のウロボロス~)

  • Disc Title: N/A

  • Disc Label: TN04

  • Game Languages: Japanese

  • Version: 1.00

  • Edition: Original (external reference)

  • Media: DVD-5

  • Barcode: 4560314081745

  • Serial Number: TN-04

  • Ring Code Info:

    • Art Side: IFPI 44B7

    • Data Side:

      • Outer: IFPI L264    TN-04 MT C01

      • Middle: 13AB    IFPI 44F3

      • Inner: IFPI 44F3

Disc Art Side
Disc Data Side


This is my first time ripping a disc to redump standards so hopefully I did everything okay. I dumped it twice (although only with 1 dvd drive and DIC both times), but only uploaded the first set of .txt since they were identical. As far as i'm aware it shouldn't have any protection on it; I checked it with all 3 tools just in case.

It's probably a little hard to see the ring codes as it's on both sides and in awkward locations which is a little annoying. It's also a little hard to find info about how they're supposed to be formatted since there isn't a comprehensive article on the subject in the wiki (i didn't even know what a ring code was until I  searched in the forums).

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