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So there are two software variants known for Winter Releases '98, one of which contains an extra playable demo. We only have one of the variants dumped so far. http://redump.org/disc/883/

Here is the contents of the version we have dumped. Please update description for clarity:

Playable Demos:
-Ghost in the Shell
-Gran Turismo
-Kula World
-Spyro The Dragon
-Tekken 3
-Treasures of the Deep

-Crash Bandicoot 3
-Spice World

Net Yaroze:
-Blitter Boy

Also according to the Crimson-Ceremony scans: http://crimson-ceremony.net/demopals/sa … CED-01441n
The demo serial should always have a # on the end for this version.

Please remove serial SCED-01441. For this software variant should only be SCED-01441#