while going through some discs that i thought would be verifications/additions to existing entries am finding some oddities.

Lunar: The Silver Star for example

all tracks match except track 12
no C2 errors in my dump
is it a new dump or does the current one need fixing?

Same thing with Vay

tracks 7 and 8 differ from the entry in the DB

Dump info here:

just seems strange to me that a single audio track would differ.

you know what, ignore me, slightly different ring codes. i'll submit new disc forms.

Sega CD/Mega CD is missing a lot of european and american CDs. I believe japanese is near to complete though.

Schrodinger wrote:

I believe japanese is near to complete though.

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Games

Have you forgot about these? smile

Vay difference is a DIC bug, it seems, worth to dump subchannels with subdump and, if the errors number would be low there, pass it to sarami to examine the problem.

Lunar is the non-RE version and that track should be different, so, submit it as new.


LBA[104783, 0x1994f]: P[00], Q[010701015427002319082083]{Audio, 2ch, Copy NG, Pre-emphasis No, Track[07], Idx[01], RMSF[01:54:27], AMSF[23:19:08]}, RtoW[0, 0, 0, 0]
LBA[104784, 0x19950]: P[00], Q[01080101542800231909cd0f]{Audio, 2ch, Copy NG, Pre-emphasis No, Track[08], Idx[01], RMSF[01:54:28], AMSF[23:19:09]}, RtoW[0, 0, 0, 0]
LBA[104785, 0x19951]: P[ff], Q[010800000173002319107bfd]{Audio, 2ch, Copy NG, Pre-emphasis No, Track[08], Idx[00], RMSF[00:01:73], AMSF[23:19:10]}, RtoW[0, 0, 0, 0]


LBA[104784, 0x19950]: Track[07]: SubQ[14]:Idx[40] -> [01], L:[399]
LBA[104784, 0x19950]: Track[07]: SubQ[15-17]:PrevRel[8577, 01:54:27], Rel[149, 00:01:74] -> [8578, 01:54:28], L:[668]

This is a random error. Please use '/s 2' and/or change the drive speed.

While it is a random error, it seems DIC has changed this sub sector completely, not only detected and fixed the bad bits. It shouldn't alter the .sub sectors.

If first sector of the pregap sector has incorrect index (e.g. 40), dic has fixed by incorrect value (e.g. 1). Because dic fixes the  value of current sector seeing the value of previous sector. In case of the first sector of the pregap sector, it should be fixed by seeing the next sector.
This will be fixed until tomorrow.