I'll cut to the chase.
I have two CD-RW Plextor drives from about 14 or so years ago.
I Initially bought a PX-W4824TA. Not long after that it stopped being able to erase CD-RWs. I applied for an RMA but stuff came up and I'm not sure how things went but basically I applied again and soon after a replacement appeared in my door without me having sent the first one to them. The replacement was a PX-W5224TA.
It occurred to me to erase a CD-RW with the new drive and feed it to the old one, and it turned out that it could still write to erased CD-RWs, but not erase them itself.
After that I pretty much stored the drives away for a long time. Now I've found out that the old one also can't erase CD-RWs, and now neither can write to erased ones either.
Also, i'd say their reading quality has decreased, but it may be that only reading CD-R/Ws is really affected and pressed discs are still read well. I'll need help diagnosing that.

The purpose of me writing is because I would like to perhaps send one or both your way if you think they can be brought back into shape.
If I sent just one, it would be for you to keep. If I sent both, the idea would be to receive one that worked well in return.
This is IF you see possibilities of getting them in good shape again.

I don't really have any discs to dump myself, so this is not an account request, but more like a hardware offer/deal.
My game collection is tiny. I have about a dozen GC games, which I dumped with my GC and match the discs already in the DB, and the same for a couple of PS1 discs. I have a couple of mainstream DC titles but no hardware to dump them with. I haven't checked if they are in the DB, but I suspect they are.

First I would need help diagnosing in just how good or bad a shape the drives are and what are possibilities of fixing them so that we can decide how to proceed.