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Topic: [FIXED][PS2] Delete two demos

Embarrassingly I got info for two similarly-named demos mixed up and it would just be easier to resubmit than explain what to fix. I've since rechecked my other dumps and they are without error.

Please delete:

I will resubmit these when they are deleted.

Re: [FIXED][PS2] Delete two demos

Please post the new submission data here and I will fix these 2 entries.

Re: [FIXED][PS2] Delete two demos

PS2 Kiosk Q2-Q3 2004: Summer 2004 - http://redump.org/disc/42922/

needs the following changes:
EXE date    2002-02-01
Size 2,918,645,760
MD5 - 7c93f9ce21b6be2f9fa9bdc3bde0a904
SHA1 - 6e4521cdb7e0ede221605ba9be53c09ccc58f64d
CRC32 - 230e808d


PS2 Kiosk Q3: Q4 2005 http://redump.org/disc/42921/

Needs the following changes

title "PS2 Kiosk Q3 - Q4 2005" (I believe redump automatically changed the " -" to ":".
EXE date    2004-04-21
Size 4,593,844,224
MD5 - 503b79cb4f976bfceb078f47dc008dec
SHA1 - 8a7ded9c296b3b1b49a86c2a8ab975da158a575c
CRC32- 319c83a0

Re: [FIXED][PS2] Delete two demos

I replaced the old data with your new info from this post.

Thanks for the submission of those rare kiosk demos