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Topic: [ADDED][PS2] Verifications

I'd like some aclarations regarding some of these things, I'll continue submiting more verifications after these are explained:

- Image size: The guide tells to look at the size in a file manager instead of IsoBuster, but the info in the database in Pirates of the Caribbean is from IsoBuster (1.744.896.000 Bytes), while in a file manager it gives a different number (1.723.238.452 bytes [1.723.269.120 bytes on disk]). Should I submit the IsoBuster one or the one from the file manager?

- EXE date: "EXE is usually named like disc ID in the form of "XXXX_YYY.YY" (where X is a letter and Y is a number)". This is very confusing, I've put the date as I've seen in another post, but i don't know if it's correct like this.

Game title: Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Spanish name: Piratas del Caribe: En el fin del mundo
Disc ID: SLE-54179
EXE date: 2007-04-04
Game languages: English, French, Italian, Deustch, Spanish
Disc version: 1.02
Image size: 1.723.238.452 bytes (1.723.269.120 bytes on disk)
Edition: Original
Barcode: It has no barcode, but there's "GL1B0020TE" written where the barcode is suposed to go.

Ring codes:

  • Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): Sony DADC A0100799995-A511 17

  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI L557

  • Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped): A5

  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 943Y

Sectors: 852000
CRC-32: ec4bee4a
MD5: d57945e25f98c53505b095dbf25f7160
SHA-1 39130635d168ce011e324f0e430e99ab36d28d01

Re: [ADDED][PS2] Verifications


Not bad for your first attempt at this!

Click on the file in your file manager, then right click properties to read the proper file size for the file. For DVD-5, the file size is also (number of sectors)x(2048 bytes/sector). You can also get this info from clrmpro (and the hashes too) by using dir2dat feature.

Also make sure in isobuster under file settings you have local time stamp set. Your exe date as shown does not agree with the DB entry.

On my system, disc ID is in the form of "XXXX_YYY.YY" but the date of that file in isobuster is MM/DD/YYYY which is converted to YYYY-MM-DD

Also, disc ID is SLES-54179, correct?

Hope this helps.

Re: [ADDED][PS2] Verifications

For the barcode, if you have a look on the spine of the cover where the SLES-54179 number is, there should be a 7 digit number in small print underneath it. This number is actually the last 7 digits of the barcode, even if the barcode itself wasn't printed.

Additionally, a barcode number (without the barcode itself) is also printed on the back of the instruction manual, however in some cases it is same number as the standard retail version if they decided to only print one manual for all editions, but not always - sometimes the trailing digits actually is the same as the spine. We know for a fact that the first half of the barcode will be 8 717418 as that is the standard Disney barcode prefix on all PAL version PS2 games. This means that the 7-digit number will start with an 8 because that was the last number of the Disney prefix (on Sony releases it always has a 9 because they start with 711719). So we get the 7 digits from the spine and add 871741 (without the trailing 8 since that's the first digit of the spine number) to it to recreate the barcode, and then space it out to 8 717418 xxxxxx as per the GTIN-13/EAN format.

The Disc ID should always be taken from the number printed on the disc itself rather than the filename, as sometimes they have a suffix immediately after the number.