Topic: [Ringcodes and serials needed] saturn dumps

hi, I started dumping my Saturn games. here are the logs generated by discimagecreator.

battle arena toshinden ultimate revenge attack.rar
christmas nights.rar
columns arcade collection.rar
darius gaiden.rar
darkstalkers 3.rar
dead or alive.rar
digital pinball necronomicon.rar
fighters megamix.rar
grandia digital museum.rar
guardian heroes.rar
keio flying squadron 2.rar
layer section.rar
madou monogatari.rar
marvel super heroes vs street fighter.rar
Metal Slug.rar
panzer dragoon 2.rar
panzer dragoon.rar
parodius deluxe pack.rar
pocket fighter mini mix.rar
puyo puyo sun.rar
puyo puyo tsu.rar
segata sanshiro.rar
silhouette mirage.rar
sonic jam.rar
soukyugurentai otokuyo.rar
street fighter alpha 2.rar
thunderforce gold pack 2.rar
thunderforce v.rar
virtua fighter 2.rar
waku puyo dungeon.rar

Re: [Ringcodes and serials needed] saturn dumps

Hi! If you don't want to search/post the proper titles, post at least the serials. And the ringcodes are needed (photos with readable ringcode text are prefered).