A number of Japanese PSX/PS2 releases of the G1 Jockey games have been named GI Jockey in the DB, which one is correct? G1 is Group One in horse racing terms, and it's definitely a number 1 in the English (Western) versions of the games. Or is this one of those games which had a slight change in the title/logo for the export version...


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I is correct. (Roman numeral)

GI Jockey
GI Jockey 2
GI Jockey 3
GI Jockey 4

That's interesting, looks like it is yet another game series where the Western title differs from the Japanese version. The Gallop Racer series also makes absolutely no sense outside of Japan when it comes to titles, even going as far as having the PAL versions named differently to the US versions on the PS2, and having only two titles released in that region.