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Nice to see that after 3 Years absence, my account still existing :-)
I was watching my dumps, and I saw that the infos of FF7 Crisis Core was changed.

I think the new data (Size, Hashes) are wrong, because my dump had the same hashes like the scene release.

My Dump Post: http://forum.redump.org/topic/6728/adde … ntasy-vii/
Gefflon Dump Post: http://forum.redump.org/topic/8793/adde … ii-german/
Disc: http://redump.org/disc/13738/

looks like your rip (and the scene one (which was later fixed by PLAYASiA) was under-dumped by 2048 bytes.
Quite common with PSP i believe

Scene releases:

NFO File:    pa-fix2int
Group:    PlayAsia
Released:    2011-07-03
   File:    1489 - Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Germany).iso
  MD5:    9FAA600BE2DFF89340C4CF1DD9199B7E
  CRC32:    1D800575
  Serials:    ULES-01046

Directory:    Final.Fantasy.VII.Crisis.Core.EUR.GERMAN.PROPER.PSP-EXTRAS
NFO File:    extras-ff7ccpsp
Group:    Extras
Released:    2008-06-21
Section:    Bad
Comment:    Underdump (-2048 bytes)
   File:    1489 - Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Germany).iso
  MD5:    B247B58D10FE2E8F3B8D21412296AB68
  CRC32:    3840DB86
  Serials:    ULES-01046

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That means, the dump tool created wrong dumps.
Then the affected games from PlayAsia, should be rechecked here.