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First, I'm asian, english not my mother language as nature, maybe some words not proper, say sorry first.

As I know for surfing over internet long time, I know the public policy here, and I know, you know, the hidden one.

I respect all that contributed to this project both dumpers and mods because they all do the work for free.

But I think free work and duty not equal word in english, or voluntary more fittable, maybe.

If some dumper show their check data of raw data, they just 4 way to go next.


1. Dumped on cold-request category and no responded. (following the rule, it is depend on Mods.)

2. Dumped on cold-request category and still add to database if follow the site format. Added. (following the rule but it is real cold.)

3. Dumped on hot-request category and add to database. (you will receive email quickly)

4. Dumped on hot-request and private sxxxing. (can pass any xxxxing rule here >> you are VIP now.)

Story end, hope every one have good dream, enjoy. smile

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I don't really understand.

Are you asking how you should post some (re)dump info? Just post it here, if you don't know a better place.

@axisleon, I think i have an idea of what you are talking. It is not easy to hold on with that many requests the staff gets, and i guess some requests are easier to process especially the wip entries, and the rest is getting into the processing queue. If we are more familiar with a dumper's dumping methods and drives we prefer to finish those requests in the first place, just because those are faster to process and approve. I hope for your understanding.

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In fact, it is not another complain as usual and I don't care when the WIP to public actually.

The suck story just show public to someone that what the same suck job he(or she) done.

Thanks for replied and treated it seriously, personal opinion was that maybe better for most newbie dumper (give them some reason at least.) , but most important was someone who treat even older ones with insult.

As an asian, I thought that's more freedom in west side to say YES or NO.

But the true seems not similar what I imaged.

I'd like to add that it's often hard to work with the "old asian friends" due to their refusal of sharing anything even when the dump is unusual (and, for example, IBM PC dumps are often 'unusual') and needs some thorough examination.

axisleon I sent you a message about creating irds, and wondered why you never responded, maybe its the language barrier that put you off, maybe just maybe if you think you can deal with the language barrier between say me and you I could teach you how to make an ird, just from an iso, and redump data, that way we could get most of your ps3 dumps, would you be interested if so let me know, thanks tossEAC. and thanks for your dump submissions.

感謝 Kansha

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The staff is generally very picky about some platforms, PC, PCEngine for instance because dumping the discs always requires plextor and proper methods. A lot of time much info is also left out or questionable, so the WIP just sits there forever as further inquiries by the staff gets ignored by the dumper too.

We can understand when there is a language barrier, if you do not understand a request by an administrator then please try to resolve it. If you have added something as a dumper to WIP and it sits a long time, please make a forum topic about it and asking why.

Many times things never get added because there is no follow through on dumpers part. Sometimes the staff decides to reject a dump, and maybe we should have a system to make it known and why.

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I can understand your request, and I know how to convert irds between the two.

@ Nexy

I don't care how much time it took the public from WIP zone really.

For project here, I find something to do for my boring life in the beginning(*2).

I don`t care whose lose which dump, share files or not depend on my willing.



I think I am good enough for skill and drives to survive here(*1), ofc that the asian dump always annoy west side cuz maybe nobody can proof them .

The boring story just show the hidden rule here for newbie, if I am wrong just delete this post totally.

(*1): In the beginning, I try to read any post here, then I learn english as well for understand everything even junk.

Read the rainbow books done, finally. smile

(*2): I found DOSBox more funny and can run my kiddy memory on modern PC XD, if I never add new for years, please delete me.