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as I know, Mediakate is publishment for those game like Sourcenext in Japan, so I suggest that:

rename the edition to `Mediakate` like `Sourcenext`.

even like this below


Dunno that is the best solution or not.

But as redump naming logic:

Published by whose is nothing,  Title as Tile it is.

Ultra 2000 Series shoule be EDITION NAME, am I right?

It seems like begin from PSX Simple 1500 XXXX from early time.

If here build from trustable database-base, my suggestion is should be naming the data title for seriously.

Some topics here especially the FIX section always argues with Japanese naming, nobody take time to deal those problem  like that?

I think the titles of database shows how well you know those games, I was be John Doe dumper to MAME project before, I think they did better job than here.

You should be make some rule of naming and listen to every original dumper(especially non-english.).

Not everything can be googled and think you are GOD here.  (google not GOD, I fixed.)

I don't think any JP ppl who wanna join to project after reading fuzzball or mine relation post.

It make less and less you lose. (You know what I said.)

Anyway, I may the worse user her, but

Thanks redump project show TAIWAN FLAG after I complained, you staffs are No.1 always.

axisleon wrote:

Thanks redump project show TAIWAN FLAG after I complained, you staffs are No.1 always.

It was going to be added anyways.
And its a lot of "complains" you bring with you once again tongue

The "Edition" stands for:

1. If a media is released by its origin copyright owner, it is like following:
a) First release is always "original"
b) After the first release they are either just rereleases, or named by the origin copyright owner's release name if available! (good examples are like: Platinum, Greatest Hits, etc...)

2. If a third person/company rents a copyright on some product:
a) they usually name an own release name, for example "Sourcenext". If they don't have an own release name then the companies name is taken for edition purpose (only if known).
b) addition to 2a) In case of series a serie's name is taken to the title name as published by copyright renting company, if there is no difference to the origin's first release then the serie's name goes to edition field.

I think it is just logical as it is, imho smile

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Speaking of japanese titles or of any foreign release names, or of any fix suggestions, it is not easy to decide how to go on, because all humans think they are right, even if they are not and they know about it, but want to present their ego and talk without any logical sence.

I am not judging here!, i am just pointing out why it is difficult to take a decision who is naming a title correctly and who not.

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Thanks for the reply. I got it.