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SLUS-21608 is included. That is SuperNova 2, a game released way later so that serial number wasn't even in existence. And the EXE file is SLUS_211.74. So I don't know why SLUS-21608 is included.

And I do own a copy of this game.

Same dumper for both discs so could be a cockup there. Otherwise only reasons i can think of is box serial differs or a misprint on the disc.

Anyhow get the data submitted for it already! It is not a verified game yet since only 1 person dumped it from 1 media.

I have gone to the retirement home

Haha, okay, I should do it I guess. I'm just working in order, I've got almost 100 dumps done. I just noticed this game on a side project.

But I think I should probably not submit all 250+ dumps at once, in case I need to improve on my current format. I'll try to get 10 or so submitted in the next couple of days.

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