I could use some help translating the title and contents of this demo disk SLPM-80635:


Is the title "9 Anniversary Special Disc !! V jump launched"?

Also, what are the contents of this disk on the right side?

Thanks for your help!

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ack2121 wrote:

Is the title "9 Anniversary Special Disc !! V jump launched"?

Close enough to place an order I'd say.

I would need a better picture to confirm, but see below.

Tentative transcription


From TV animation ONE PIECE

スピリット オブ シャーマンズ

ドラゴン ドライブ


Translated as

V Jump Inauguration ("Launch") 9[th] Anniversary Commemoration Special Disc!!

From TV Animation ONE PIECE Grand Battle! 2

Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans

Dragon Drive

Digimon World 3: Gateway/Door to New Adventures

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Here are some better pics:

http://www.mediafire.com/view/x4b86heq1 … esized.jpg

http://www.mediafire.com/view/tufzgtinc … esized.jpg

Thanks again for your help with this!


axisleon wrote:


So "Digimon World 3: Door of a New Adventure" is proper translation for last demo?

Made corrections to my original post.

I still can't make out the inside radicals of the first Kanji of shuunen and it looks like theres more "stuff" in there than I'd expect but it can't be anything else tmk. You can see the same title format here but 20th

http://www.miraclebattle.com/event/tria … ial05.html

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Vjump Soukan 9 Syunen Kinen: Special Disc
Vジャンプ創刊9周年記念 スペシャルディスク

DigimonWorld 3: Aratanaru Bouken no Tobira
デジモンワールド3 新たなる冒険の扉