Re: Resident Evil Survivor (E) [SLES-02732]

dkkaczy wrote:

Only file 'SCR_BG.BIN' match the psxdb date. Is this file an EXE file?
SLES_027.32 time is 1999-12-09. I assume this is an EXE file, isn't it?
psxtoolzb13 report date 1999-12-10, seems that dumper take that date.
What file is EXE file? What time is correct?

From the guide:

EXE dates (Date of EXE file, e.g. "SLUS_123.45" (or any other file which's name is located in SYSTEM.CNF file). Date should be looked in IsoBuster, but be sure to turn on option "Options -> File System Setting -> General -> Time Stamps -> Display time stamp -> Local time stamp")