I was able to get the cue files working. I'll just leave the files as is with the multiple bin files. Thank you again. By the way, when will the three games I dumped be entered into the database? Is there still missing information you would like me to fill out?

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Initially, I prefered single file bin/cue dumps rather than splitted ones, until I realized that splitted ones are more confortable. For example, if the hash of the dump (DB can compute the CRC-32 of the entire image, deduced from the sizes and CRC-32 of the individual tracks) isn't the expected one you can detect easily the corrupted track and replace only this one, or even borrow it from another games which share the same audio tracks.

I have to add several new dumps from another dumper, so 1-2 days. When added, bookmark carefully your dumps, to add you properly as dumper (clickable nick, in other words) when you reach that range.

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Sorry for necroposting, but did you successfully dumped Silent Hill for PC? Because it is not in the database yet