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Regarding http://redump.org/disc/24435/

SLPM 65875(65383).  The Mold SID Code on mine clearly says: 45WB

There is/was a "Limited" or rather the "Deluxe Pack" that has the SLPM 65383 Disc in it, so i think this is the same disc repainted for "Altus Best".  But i get this MD5 for my clean unscratched Atlus Best Disc:

# MD5 checksum generated by ImgBurn v2.5.7.0 dac69f87b6729cc2bf778e74c011c96e *SLPM_65875.ISO

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Different Mould SID Codes for different discs is normal.

Does your ISO file size match that dump? Seems odd that yours wouldn't match if it's the same edition as his.

Without any further dumping info it is hard to tell what might be different wink

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