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No consistency here:


And which one is correct: "Kousyu" or "Koushu"?


http://redump.org/disc/7880/ and http://redump.org/disc/7881/


http://redump.org/disc/10133/ , http://redump.org/disc/10134/ and http://redump.org/disc/10135/

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1. Shinseiki or Shin-seiki problem, they're all OK, just choose one and named them all.

Shin(pronounce) = 新(kanji) = しん(hiragana) = New(meaning)

Seiki(pronounce) = 世紀(kanji) = せいき(hiragana) = Century or Generation(meaning)

2. 公主(kanji) = こうしゅ(hiragana) = Princess(meaning)

Kousyu(pronounce) or "Koushu(pronounce) problem, I think the "Kousyu" is near the native japanese pronouce.

Koushu is right, because we use Hepburn romanization for Japanese.

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