722 'NO LIBCRYPT' in wip?

by themabus

723 Rom Managers

by Falcon

724 Suggestions for the guide

by pepsidrinker

727 a little bug in psxt001z

by themabus

728 Fix this PSX Entry please..

by pnkiller78

729 NGC fixes

by ps2gamer2k7

730 Wild Arms 2 change serial

by pepsidrinker

733 Saturn disc wrong cuesheet

by gigadeath

735 Correction for Title of game

by pepsidrinker

742 Offline PSXDB v0.01d

by deleted

743 Language vs. Speech

by resxto

744 As requested on irc

by norman

745 LibCrypt protection

by Dremora

747 The new dumping guide

by Dremora

748 The offset... again!

by Dremora

750 The offset correction

by Dremora