You can Dump some of your Discs as a contribution.
If you're Dumps are okay, the mods/admins will invite you

I will do better fixes of all these data, as soon I have more time.

Right now I am ill and even go to work. My head burns me out

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon (German Version)
Mould SID: IFPI 0799

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon (English Version)
Mould SID: IFPI 0781

The Elder Scrolls III: Construction Set
Mould SID: IFPI 0748

WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
Inner Ring: IFPI 0118<tab>P<tab>MADE IN GERMANY BY UNIVERSAL M & L
Outer Ring: IFPI L001<tab>S0025 813<tab>01/51281932
On the Inner Ring between the IFPI code and the MADE IN GERMANY the P was missing.
There is no MOULD SID Code on the Disc!!!

WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne (Expansion Set)
Outer Ring: IFPI L002<tab>00095<tab>51374 183<tab>01 + 51389853
Inner Ring: IFPI 0118<tab>MADE IN GERMANY BY UNIVERSAL M & L<tab>G
On the Inner Ring after MADE IN GERMANY the G was missing.
There is no MOULD SID Code on the Disc!!!

The best would be to completly replace the old Ring Code. It's chaotic from my first time Dumps years ago. smile

My Disc has a different MOULD SID as the one from luthos: IFPI 0763
Also the Ring Code is incomplete: IFPI LB46<tab>sonopress 50326646/DIAB1FFBS 24
The IFPI Code is missing.

WarCraft II: Edition
My Disc has a different MOULD SID as the one from luthos: IFPI 0763
Also the Ring Code is incomplete: IFPI LB46<tab>Sonopress ROM A-63184/ WARCFGBSX 02
The IFPI Code is missing.

The MOULD SID of my Disc is allrdy inserted: IFPI 0771
The Ring Code is incomplete: IFPI LB 50<tab>sonopress 50326646/DIAB1FFBS 24
The IFPI Code is missing.

StarCraft: Brood War (Expansion Set)
The MOULD SID of my Disc is allrdy inserted: IFPI 0771
The Ring Code is incomplete: IFPI LB 45<tab>Sonopress 52556264/S2181607 21
The IFPI Code is missing.


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I could make a sharper Picture of the Mould SID. It's IFPI QWYI

It's very hard to read, because it's doubled.


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I think you are right. Let me check it tommorow.
I try to scan the Disc, maybe we can read the code better. smile

If this don't work, I try to get the code in better light.


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I have a Pioneer BDR-207M and I am not able to read the Disc.
As soon i insert the PS3 Blu-Ray Disc, I just see an Empty Disc.
I know, there are Drive's which are able to Dump the PS3 Discs, but I don't have any of these Drives.
I think some Lite-On Drives are just able to make the Dumps.

I have also a Cobra ODE on my PS3 and I am unable to get CFW on my machine.
Also 3K3Y Ripper v2 only supports PS3 Consoles until 2K1. I have the first machine with Sata Drives and the Sata Drive's aren't supported by 3K3Y Ripper.

My only solution to Dump the ISO's is with the Cobra ODE, but the output ISO is splited and in decrpyted format. With Cobra ODE and OFW you are limited to Original FW and this firmware don't support NTFS. You are bound to Fat Drives and the dumped ISO gets splitted.

About the Mould SID... I am not sure, I think you can be right. What is the best method to read the Mould Sid of the Disc???
I have allways really big problems to read it. I hold it into light and trying to make some focused photos from it. But it's not allways optimal. Sometimes I making 20-30 Photos until I am able to get a sharp picture of it hmm

Edit: I have a Blu-Ray Drive on my HP Pavillion Notebook too. I have tested this Drive too, but it's unable to read the Disc too. I am not sure, if I buy the equipment for myself or if I send them to some Dumper. I have also some other PS3 Discs, which aren't in redump Database yet too. So I think at the first time I will send them to an friendly Dumper.


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Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

I have the Premium Edition of the Game and want add the included Bonus Contents.
First of all, the the under Editions the "Limited Edition" should be changed into "Premium Edition".
NIS America named the Box as Premium Edition and not Limited Edition.

Content of the Premium Edition:

- Premium Edition Box
- Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland (The Game itself)
- Visual Art Book

Serials, Barcodes and Ringcode's matching Redump Data.
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

Also, here the Edition name is "Premium Edition". Well, the Premium Edition is not added into Redump Database yet.

Contents of the Premium Edition:

- Premium Edition Box
- Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland
- Visual Art Book
- Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland: Alanya of Music (Original Sountrack)
- Pre-Orders placed through NIS-America’s online store also received  a 8″x24″ double-sided poster + DLC content code.

The Premium Edition Box came with it's on Serial: BLUS-30867.
Barcode Premium Edition Box: 8 13633 01129 5

The Game inside the Box is the Original Edition with BLUS-30735, like in redump Database with Barcode 8 13633 01123 3.

Also my Disc has different Ringcode: BPSS-140670A1<tab>1<tab>A01<tab>IFPI L324

I have no possibilities to Dump the Disc yet. Don't sure if I do myself soon or if I send Disc to another Dumper.

thx usurper.

Enker: Wait for the fixed version of freecell before dumping any games. No dumps are being set to green status as of now.

From so far I have read, xbox (1) should be okay now. If it is okay, I will have two xbox(1) Discs to confirm.

Can somebody confirm, that this method with the new FreeCell tool is right now the correct method to dump Games. Just want to get sure.

I have some Games, which I can confirm to change them into green status

soooo.... any new news about this topic  roll ???

I have one example:

Elder Scrolls, The - Morrowind

All Morrowind Standalone Versions should be merged as a set.
All Bloodmoon Addon Versions should be merged as a set.
All Tribunal Addon Versions should be mergend as a set.
All Morrowind GOTY Version should be merged as a set (Includes Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal).

Another Example:

Deus Ex Standard Edition should be merged together with Deus Ex GOTY Edition as a set.
Why: The GOTY Edition has no further Expansion Packs, no DLC, and no new content. It's just patched to the newest official Version and has some additional Bug Fixes. … ar_Edition

I think it's to decide individually

I think the solution with the id is a good one smile
I would just suggest one extra:

In the Database we could use id names.


<game name="Tekken Tag Tournament (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (v2.00)">
<group id="00556">

I would suggest to build in a search field.

For example:

You want submit a Game and don't know the group id.
You type in the name: *Tekken

You get all results to "Tekken" and and see which Titles with Tekken have which group id and just take the id that fits to the group.

I know, you can check the Discs manually too tongue
But that's more comfortable. I just don't know, if this will get into high server loads??? smile

I think we should go with jamjam's sugestions, since he allry work longer on this merged Sets and do many experimentations.
He has allry some experience and know where the problems are smile

Yes, I know.

But you will need to tag the <generic name=""/> line with a name.
You could use here numbers too, but I think it's easier just to use a title smile.

Some Games have in different Region different titles. It wouldn't make a matter, but I think it's easier to maintain this dat, if you decide to use a title of the game. As editor you could get confuse, if somebody edited the relation with a japanese title and you have edited the relation if the US title and wonder, that the datfile manager doesn't find a relationship between them tongue. Just one idea smile

My suggestion:

I would suggest, the <generic name=""> tag should relate to a specific Region order.

For example: USA > Europe > Japan > Spain > France > Germany > Italian etc...

Multi-Disc Games, like Final Fantasy should merge all together to keep it easy and maximal compression.

Editing: Editing should allways be done by some specific users.

I think the editing stuff can be done by two users. One user can allways edit the relationship between Games. Another User can check it and tick if it is okay or not.

An overview would be very nice, where the editors can see, which Games allrdy have a <generic name=""> relation tag and which games haven't one and this overview should show, if the relation was allrdy checked by the other editor.

Hi Guys,

I think we should add an important Information to the Name Tagging on XBoX360 ISOS.
The Wave is in my Opinion an important Information for the Preservation.

It's included in the Database, but missing in the Dat file??? If I rebuild Images with it.

My Idea would to tag this Information in the Naming:

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (WAVE Version) (Region) (Languages)

What do you think about that?
How much effort would this take to implement???


I found this Protection of one of my Disc's.
I wonder, the Protection is installed on my System (Windows 7/64bit), but it has no effect.
I just needed to install the Game and can it now even start without the Original Disc or mounting the Dump!!!???

I have Dump the Game just with isobuster and it works.
This Protection seems to be useless???

Okay, thank you.

My Question is perfect answered :-)

Hmm... Okay that's real strange.

If I mount such a mds/mdf and dump this with isobuster, I get everytime the correct and same crc, but in this dump isn't the DPM anymore. So I think it's even useless to make a dat for this Stuff, because of the crc's.

It's going better with this as iso &bin.


Since it is impossible to dump the newer Securom/etc. Protected Games with the usuall redump methods, I am trying a method out with Alcohol. (Some experimental for myself)

I know, you guys know the method,  because I read often about that you need a mds and my Dumps working well, but the problem is I get everytime a Different crc Hash on the mds/mdf (both Files).

The Games running fine, but I don't know if this is normal, or if my Driver has any probs to make clear 1:1 Dumps??

Yeah, I must say that I have installed the stable  basic/main cIOS of rev 19. (There are 5 different IOS with difference functions)

I have tested superdump with rev 19 and dumped my Wii Sports Resort.

It`s one of the most dumped Games and my dump match the databse crc.

And I have read that Avatar isn`t bca protected. (The Scene PAL Dump was only a bad dump  big_smile )

Hello Guys,

I have my Shenmue 2 Video DVD here, but I don`t know how to dump this.

I had thinked to dump it with DVDDecrypter, but DVD Decrypter change the values in the ifo File(s) and make the DVD Region Free.

So how to dump this correctly???^^

ahh okay.

I have tryed both methods. The Method in Tracker section and Jackals method.

I get with both methods the right crc from the game.iso dmi.bin and pfi.bin.

Just the SS.BIN give a different crc. Maybe you add the part with the SS.BIN to Jackals tut and write to this point

Attention : XBoX360 Only!!!

I have dump now the SS.BIN 5 times and I have changed the bytes, like in amaroks tutorial.
After I changed the bytes in the 5 SS.Bin, every SS.BIN had the same crc. Seems it work now fine.

Additional I have compared this changed bytes with a SSV2 SS.BIN (This is a SS.BIN dumped with a 0800 flashed XBox360 Drive) The bytes in the circles are similar to the SSV2 dumped similar to the changed ones in amaroks tutorial

hmmm.... I have now found this:

4.) Extracting DMI, PFI and SS … 62-method/

Now your dump is BASICALLY ready to be submitted. But wait, there is still some extra stuff we'd like you to provide us with. So, as a last step, extract the DMI, PFI and SS sectors. Don't ask me what exactly they do; as far as I know they're important in terms of preservation. To extract these sectors you'll need a tool named Schtrom360Xtract. Version 4.1 and above will do fine.

Again, things are a bit complicated. Start Schtrom, select your drive from the list, choose "pfi.bin", "dmi.bin" and "ss.bin" from the "Task" dropdown list and extract them successively. Next, determine the CRC32 of PFI.BIN and DMI.BIN. Not SS.BIN, though, it still needs a little extra care. You need to open it with a hex editor and replace the bytes in the circles (ONLY those bytes!) exactly as in this picture: … ircled.png

Then you can calculate SS.BIN's CRC32 as well.

For the lazy ones among you, I've hacked together a small python script to do the SS.BIN conversion. You can find it here. You need Python to run the script; open the command line, go to Python's path, then type the following command:

python X:\path\to\ Y:\path\to\ss.bin

The script then overwrites SS.BIN with the proper hex values. Oh, and it's been years since I wrote my last piece of code, so don't mock me for its crappiness tongue

And if you're even lazier, you can find an .exe version of the tool here. I've created it with py2exe, so you need to keep the extra crap that comes with it... But don't worry, there's no virus etc. in it. Usage is as simple as it gets -- just drag your ss.bin onto ss.exe and it converts it.

If this is the right method, Jackal have to add this small indormation to his Tutorial … tructions/