Hi BitLooter.
You have to check if the discs are in Mode1 or Mode2 in PC dumps because it's important info.
To check this you don't need to extract the disc again. You could check the post 2 of this topic http://forum.redump.org/topic/4695/new- … c-6-dumps/ or go to isobuster and select the data track with the RMB and then select properties then advanced.

I never checked my PSX dumps for corruption and they were added with 0 errors...(i recall that fuzzball said the same in a old post). I checked the images in my last psx topic but i mentioned that in the info that i wrote but all the other PSX dumps i made i didn't check) so if we need to check the images for errors, the dumping guide should mention that.
http://redump.org/disc/774/ - 3 dumpers for this disc and it has 1 error and the DB reported 0... and maybe there are more similar cases...


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I understood that. i was just assuming that at least one of the dumpers had the other offset and it was missing from the DB smile

Well, for now i can't dump that disc (that disc and many others... )


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Thks for the explanation, pepsidrinker.
well it seems that, for me, the write offset sometimes is a problem  big_smile
i mean the info in the feft column lol but why one dump is 1.0 and the other 1.1? it also could be the other way around...
and i think that the two write offsets should be in the info...


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I don't know if this should be posted in the "Fixes and additions" so sorry if it's misplaced.
I tried to make a verification dump of ISS PRO and my drive couldn't dump the audio tracks because it has a read offset of +48 and this always happens to me in PSX discs whith a -647 write offset the problem is that the dump in the DB is a +2 offset.
I dumped the data track and after fixing, it matched this dump http://redump.org/disc/1755/
So what's wrong in this picture? 3 dumpers can't be wrong... so the info in the DB is wrong (not the dump) or my disc is different...
And anyone knows why this dump http://redump.org/disc/5470/ is v1.1? i mean the info is the same in both dumps (even the EXE date)


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I don't know why, but it seems that the PSX is the only system with a BIOS dat file in Redump.org, so i would like to suggest a new category for the BIOS dumps. I think that the bios can be dumped with the right hardware/software and we could add the hashes and info like a regular disc (system, region, languages, version, etc) and also with the green and blue status. I think that 1 dat file with all the bios checksums is just fine.

By the way, anybody shown interest in dumping Neo Geo CD discs?

I tested that method with a movie and it works but i think the image will be useless because the decryption key is needed...

The DVD video format has to be decrypted so it's impossible to make a 1:1 copy.
So i think it shouldn't be added to the DB. but there are some special features discs for the ps2 that aren't in the DVD video format.


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I totally agree with gigadeath about the languages.
About the DB my game is exactly like this http://www.satakore.com/sega-saturn-gam … R-SPA.html , it even has the "Ecofilmes" sticker over the barcode (that's why i can't submit the barcode info sometimes lol ) and note that the french disc has japonese writings printed in it.
I'm not sure if that game was imported  because it was available everywhere not just in 1 or 2 stores. I found my other copy  and it's like the other one and yesterday i saw 4 or 5 copies on sale and they were all like mine... i don't know... maybe Ecofilmes may have imported a large amount of copies to sell over here...

I noticed that if we scan the data track with CDmage BEFORE resizing we get the correct amount of sectors to cut.
for this to work the image has to be error free, this worked for me in my Sat and MCD dumps in PSX this usually doesn't work because psxtools needs to fix the damaged sectors.
I'm not saying this is a way to detect the gaps, it's more like a verification smile

Thks ... like i said before i think this part in the guide should be updated...

What drive offset should be used in this situation?66, 68 or 67 (since the last row it's half filled) ?

Thks in advance.

0000 : 52 9D FD A9 81 BE E0 70  48 24 36 9B 56 EB 7E CF   R......pH$6.V.~.
0010 : 60 54 28 3F 5E 90 38 6C  12 AD CD BD 95 B1 AF 34   `T(?^.8l.......4
0020 : 7C 17 61 CE A8 54 7E BF  60 70 28 24 1E 9B 48 6B   |.a..T~.`p($..Hk
0030 : 76 AF 66 FC 2A C1 DF 10  58 0C 3A 85 D3 23 1D D9   v.f.*...X.:..#..
0040 : C9 9A C7 CE 6D 7F 48 54  36 BF 56 F0 3E C4 E4 95   ....m.HT6.V.>...
0050 : A9 C9 F5 D1 87 1C 62 89  E9 A6 CE FA D4 43 1F 71   ......b......C.q
0060 : C8 24 56 9B 7E EB 60 4F  68 34 2E 97 5C 6E B9 EC   .$V.~.`Oh4..\n..
0070 : 72 CD E5 95 8B 2F 27 5C  1A B9 CB 32 D7 55 9E BF   r..../'\...2.U..
0080 : 28 70 1E A4 08 7B 46 A3  72 F9 E5 82 CB 21 97 58   (p...{F.r....!.X
0090 : 6E BA AC 73 3D E5 D1 8B  02 AA E0 C1 B6 CF 36 D4   n..s=.........6.
00A0 : 16 DF 4E D8 9A CD 97 7B  2E A3 5C 79 F9 E2 C2 C9   ..N....{..\y....
00B0 : 91 96 EC 6E CD EC 55 8D  FF 25 41 9E C1 DA 1B D5   ...n..U..%A.....
00C0 : 19 04 A3 21 B9 D8 72 DA  A5 9B 3B 2B 53 5F 7D F8   ...!..r...;+S_}.
00D0 : 21 82 70 04 E1 05 72 61  0F D0 78 0C 22 85 D9 A3   !.p...ra..x."...
00E0 : 1A F9 CB 02 D7 41 9E B0  68 74 2E A7 5C 7A A2 FD   .....A..ht..\z..
00F0 : AF 40 2E 4A A2 65 D8 1C  5A 89 FB 26 C3 5A D1 FB   .@.J.e..Z..&.Z..
0100 : 1C 43 49 F1 F6 C4 79 43  29 15 2E 01 00 00 00 00   .CI...yC).......
0110 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................
0120 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................
0130 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................
0140 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................
0150 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................


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There are PSX dumps in the DB with Ring info like "IFPI xxxx" and i think this isn't the right ring info...
I think it's impossible to read the ring in a original release and the real ring can only be read in Platinum discs.

Thks to all of you

F1ReB4LL wrote:

It's not the best way, especially if there are data sectors in pregap due to a mastering error (see Gale Racer or Gunbird). I'm sure there's enough potentially bad PSX dumps already due to this logic and I want to preserve the Saturn section from such dumps with 'assumed' gaps.

So we should check the whole gap with sector view in raw mode to verify if there's data?

and what about the other question? smile

I have some doubts about dumping disc with 1 data track and 1 audio track that the guide doesn't explain.
-how to detect the gap manually?
-how to add that gap to the audio track? the SAT dumping guide talks about the command "fix track 2.bat" to fix the audio track in this situations... so, this command adds 2 sec of silence to the audio track? it's ok to use that tool for other systems too?

Thks in advance smile


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So... someone added a dump of a psx original but with some extras (trainer and pal/ntsc selector)? smile just kidding
Dumping is so time consuming... i don't understand why people waste their time submitting bad info...


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I think the ring codes and the bar code are for documentation only and to help identify different dumps and this is a recent thing, the older dumps don't have that info...
This site is all about perfect dumps...  and it's possible for a scan to be a perfect dump of the original book?? I don't know much about that but i think that if 10 dumpers "dump" the same manual there will be 8 or 9 different results... one thing is dumping digital data and other thing completely different is to scan manuals and that kind of stuff... there's no point in adding that hashes to the DB.
I think this is a great idea but as a side project (a site with the manuals, different pakages and different releases of games would be great)
but it seems that i'm the only one who thinks that way...


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I think that you are wrong about no-intro... they have their dumpers who buy the games and dump them i think they don't remove the intros or find the best roms on the net like you said. From my point of view no-intro is exactly like redump with one little difference we deal with discs and they with cartridges...
and what are we doing here?... After all, it's only hashes... when i want to check if a rom is a perfect dump i go to no-intro and if i want to check if a image is accurate i go to redump...
Please don't get me wrong... i'm a VG fan and a sort of collector since the eighties and i really love that kind of stuff (like the site you mentioned) and i think that you are right about everything you said in previous posts but as i said, that doesn't fit in here...
Sorry, but it's my opinion...


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That's a good idea but i think that has nothing to do with Redump.org... this site should be only to dump the game discs and nothing more... like no-intro but instead of carts we dump discs smile


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Maybe that's true in game discs but in audio discs there are a lot of albums (mostly techno and many concept albums) without silence between the tracks and if we only want to copy one track of that album, if we copy with appended gap to next track, that track will have a little bit of the previous track (depends on the gap size) that's why people choose the other option...
But now i think that Fireball is right... the gap is a countdown to the next track...
Thks for the answers smile


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I wonder why the gaps in discs with audio tracks are appended to the next track...
I think that a track dumped with this method will have the end of the previous track appended at the beggining of the track and i dont know if this is right because if we put a game disc or a audio disc or whatever in any cd player and play any audio track, the gap for that track is not played (it doesn't matter if that track have no gap, 2 sec gap or 1 min gap) because it belongs to the previous track...even EAC says the other method is the recommended, so why this project uses this method?

p.s. warning to all the funny guys out there: answers like "because the guide said to do so" will not be accepted lol

Thks iRobot, after testing a few discs with the sector view function i finally got it... it's like you said smile
I think it's a bug in isobuster... i use cdrwin for over 10 years and i never had that kind of problem.
But it's odd because the 2 other discs are mode2.

Anyone knows how to detect if a disc is mode1 or mode2?
I ask this because when i was dumping the pc game harvester the new version of isobuster detected the disc 1 as mode2 and nero, cdrwin and an outdated version of isobuster (that was installed in my other computer) detects the disc as mode1.
Maybe it's mode2 because the other 2 discs are mode2. I don't know if it's a mastering error but it's weird and i never seen anything like this...


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Thks Irobot, u r the boss! big_smile
But i think i will pass the safedisc dumping to the pros smile


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What extra info should i post for a psx libcrypt protected game?
and... how do i dump a safedisc protected game (with errors in the beginning of the disc)?