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RetroGamer wrote:

Since you are dumping all those discs, you could post that info in the Dumps section so they can be added into the database, because there are a lot of GC discs with only 1 dumper (and even if there are a lot of dumpers for the discs that you are dumping, one more doesn't hurt  smile  )

I can do that. I always assumed since I'm not a "dumper" and didn't know how to become one, that I couldn't contribute. I guess since I can post them in the forum, I can contribute after all. In fact I have a new dump and a few re-dumps I can post.


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amarok wrote:

It is possible and also very reliable. You'll need a "special" drive, though, like the LG 8164b (or the 8161-8163b, as far as I know; other drives have been reported to work as well, though). Then you need friidump for the actual dumping process. Search for friidump 0.4 since earlier versions can't dump dual layer Wii discs properly AFAIR. Just give it a try, it's not very hard if you've got a compatible drive big_smile

I have the LG 8164b and I use rawdump 2.0 which works like a charm. I've dumped ~10 GC discs and all have matched the crc/md5/sha1 here on redump.

BTW my 8164b is actually in a usb 2.0 external enclosure, so rawdump also works across usb.