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If the old dump is really only 1 byte different then it must be corrupt and should be changed to red status.

Also, ReignStumble didn't dump these discs, so dumper name = user7

Did you try to redump this yet?

Hi, you mention Beta 1 twice with different contents? Do you mean Beta 2 for the last one? But it seems the contents are already correct for that one? http://redump.org/disc/51884/


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I agree with that logic.. but I guess this means that some titles with & need fixing.


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We're gonna need some kind of decision on this, because now the choice seems to be arbitrary.. There's  1,068 uses of  "&" in game titles, and only 146 uses of "+".


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There's plenty of cases where "&" is used:


I'm not sure what the No-intro naming convention says about this..


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Hiccup wrote:

On No-Intro, demos are basically split up into (Demo) and (Demo) (Kiosk).
I've never seen any labelled with numbers, but kiosk demos used at trade shows were labelled with the first trade show (e.g. (Demo) (Kiosk) (E3 2005) they were (first) used at, to differentiate with (Demo) (Kiosk) which is used for store kiosk demos.

I think its important to make a distinction between demos that are sold/given to consumers, and kiosk demos.

I've never seen a demo labelled with a number on No-Intro or Redump. @Jackal could post links for some?

You should be able to see this link? http://redump.org/list/miss/Jackal/

Then just search within the page for (Demo  <- with a space


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It's easy to show all the filenames: http://redump.org/list/miss/Jackal/

235 Taikenban

(Demo Taikenban) ??

It looks like iR0b0t added (Demo 1), (Demo 2) etc to some games.. yuk..


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Today our project reached a major milestone: There are now 50.000 discs in the database.
Since our last news post around 12 months ago, close to 10.000 new discs have been added to the database:

- Around 900 PSX and 950 PS2 discs, including many Japanese, PAL regional variants and Demo's.
- Close to 800 Sega (DC, MCD, SS) discs.
- Over 400 XBOX discs, bringing the USA set much closer to completion.
- Close to 4.000 IBM PC discs (!).
- Over 3.000 discs for other systems (including modern, as of yet undisclosed ones).

A huge thanks goes out to our contributors and also the Video Game Preservation Collective (VGPC) for all their efforts.


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Ok.. PS2 covers can be a mess.. For instance, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance was released in the Netherlands with an Australian cover, so it's plausible that the same cover was used here for Australia and some Arabic country and that only the Arabic country got the SCES-52936 disc.


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So, does this have English + Arabic languages or not? Otherwise why is PSX Data Center listing those languages. I guess it's still possible that an original SCES-52936 case+disc release exists somewhere?

This is a discs database.. if they came inside an envelope with a printed label, that doesn't really mean anything? But I'll let other staff members decide on that.

Btw, why are you always adding dumps in other people's names? Can't they add them themselves?


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Thanks for bringing us closer to a solution. I guess you should try to eject and re-insert the disc after closing XBC (for dumping the DMI/PFI/SS) and before starting FreeCell. If that by any chance fixes the problem, then we need to add a check to FreeCell to make sure that the drive is in the correct mode/state before dumping. Otherwise it might be a firmware bug?

Also, it should be easy to find any other bad dumps if someone creates a tool to scan these sectors.

And it would be worth checking out if this issue also affects Xbox 360 in any way (!)


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Other dumps are matching: http://redump.org/disc/49180/ so I guess only a couple discs are affected by whatever is causing this.


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limbo43 is dumping a lot of Xbox USA stuff, but he's getting some different results than existing dumps, which leaves me worried about the different dumping methods that are used: Whether or not Xbox Backup Creator is a safe dumping method, and if FreeCell dumps discs correctly (without the Kreon drive injecting any data that shouldn't be there) regardless of the drive's (unlock) state.

The first one that wasn't matching is Need for Speed: Most Wanted: Black Edition: http://redump.org/disc/50146/
The previous dump by h0lylag was changed to red status because it was supposedly bad.. without a real confirmation or redump by either dumpers. I've sent h0lylag a pm, but I don't know if he'll ever be back to read it.

The second one is Toxic Grind: http://redump.org/disc/50472/ vs. http://redump.org/disc/49392/

We really need to determine which of the dumps is wrong and what's causing the difference (and possibly find a way to detect bad dumps), before we end up with hundreds of potentially bad dumps.


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Do you have any pics of different versions?


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This disc had the first 2 LibCrypt sectors undetected: http://redump.org/disc/50247/

Logs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ClsZ6 … 32TtOFAaxd

Maybe it's better to stop using prefixed ranges, and just not fix any subs in case /ns is used? because it happens a lot that some LibCrypt/SecuROM data goes undetected.

Or set a limit to how much corruption is fixed in each Q-channel sector. Now it fixed 4 bytes total, including 2 in CRC. I doubt that read corruption can occur on so many bytes at once, and also in both CRC bytes?


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@sarami, the last 2 SecuROM sectors here were undetected: http://redump.org/disc/13204/

Hi, it's "DADC AUSTRIA", not Austria.. plz keep that in mind for your future submissions

What's the cdmage error count on those 3 dumps?

No point in adding this dump unless we can get consistent results.

I found this, but no idea if it's the latest version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0q9u11r7m … master.zip

If it's a different version than the binary, let me know and we might be able to contact the dev (we got the e-mail address belonging to his account)

I suppose it's safe then. Don't remember why that was needed, it probably had to do with our older dumping method (MineSweeper instead of FreeCell).


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