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we currently only accept game-related contributions.


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See you soon smile Sorry to hear about your old man

Thanks @ Egen for finally dumping Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam

Just 1 missing game now yikes

The recent ps1 dumpers (user7, DangerBoy, wiggy2k, etc.) all say they either don't have the equipment for it, or that the ringcodes were illegible when they tried. Would be nice to see some more effort put into this, as the complete ringcodes could help uncover any potentially missing versions.

Just wondering, what makes you so sure that some firmwares were only released on disc and were never available for download?


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Copy's as in burned copy's? Those will do you no good here.

Looks good. Maybe it's better to just exclude all the DISK variants. they are the same files but with zeroes added. It's easy to recreate them from the original files, so no real point in having them imo.

Yeah I was talking about the PUP filenames.. No point in including the txt files.

For the descriptions, "PS3 System Software Update 4.81" format also gets my vote.

For filenames, I would prefer it to be as close as possible to how they were distributed by Sony. So I guess this means PS3UPDAT.PUP  / PS3PATCH.PUP for retail/CEX?

Is there any way to recover all the the original DECR / DEX version filenames? Maybe using archive.org?

Thanks for your explanation. Maybe I was too harsh. Whenever the datfile reaches a more 'final' state, I suppose there's no harm in adding it to our downloads.

Here are my suggestions:

Wouldn't it be better to leave all filenames inside the archives to PS3UPDAT.PUP? Or whatever filename they were originally distributed as. And to avoid duplicates, this would mean moving the padded disc-distributed versions to separate archives.

Also, the descriptions should be closest to Sony's official naming, so maybe instead of 'PS3 Official Firmware', use 'PS3 System Software' or 'PS3 System Software Update'?

Although I appreciate the effort that went into creating this, it's really just a collection of downloads that are publicly available and covered by several sites. It would be best to leave it unofficial, at least until ps3 emulation is more mature and we can know the value of a historic firmware collection.

They're not games either. They have their own Preproduction category, so I moved them to a separate list.


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What's the fix?

Most of these titles have different version images floating on the net, so we're not just making these up. I recently dumped Test Drive + Pimp My Ride alternate versions that were also in the list. Good luck hunting for the rest.

I dumped one of the Poker versions, which matched the DB. GFatha still has another disc w/different serial incoming.

The missing versions listed there are either confirmed by third party images, or educated guesses by looking at a combination of ringcode, version number and/or different versions in PAL region. Please keep them listed until they are dumped/debunked.

I've linked your guides here: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title=Dumping-Guides

And changed the ringcode part a bit (they are required, at least the parts that can be reasonably read). Also linked to my forum post with instructions on how to scan hidden PSX ringcodes.

iR0b0t wrote:

Dizzzy is not a member here.

Promotion spam?

Dizzzy = user7

Welcome, Jason

Could you update the first post and remove any titles that are already dumped? tongue I guess you should end up with those 2 missing.

Someone should check gamefaqs for any serials that aren't in the db. There are prolly some variants still that are undumped. For instance, I bought Transformers: Director Cut (SLES-53309) today that is undumped and wasn't listed in the wiki.

I guess you were lurking on IRC and saw my outcry tongue

Nice to hear that you bought 1 of the 2 missing PS2 USA titles (there's still some missing versions also, a couple of them should be on the way): http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Dumps

The other remaining title, Dance Dance Revolution X2, sold last month for only 15 usd: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dance-Dance-Rev … 2473901893
There are still some more expensive copies listed though on eBay. But if there was any real interest left here in completing the set, it would've been dumped years ago.
The same can be said about other USA sets like Saturn, Dreamcast, Sega CD and Xbox. Many missing dumps and almost no dumping activity in the recent years. We could definitely use some fresh blood in this place.

user7 wrote:

Thanks ack, already have that in the CD dumping guide and added the colors as useful http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … e_Creator)

Still unclear about:

  • When to use other commands such as d8

  • What to do for secure-rom etc

  • Where to find file size in DIC output txt files

  • Where to find checksums in DIC output files

  • Where to find layerbreak for PS2 DVD-9's in output files.

- /nl is for LibCrypt, /ns for SecuROM, /sf for for PC copy protections that can be detected, /ss for other PC protections with c2 errors.
- size and hashes are in .dat file (doh)
- .cue that DIC created should always be used/included
- write offset is in the disc log txt
- SecuROM data is in the subintention .txt (when /ns parameter is used and the disc is in fact SecuROM-protected)

Also my suggestion would be to remove this part from the guide (until any of the drives are really verified):
'''Disc drives believed[http://forum.redump.org/post/49337/#p49337] to be compatible''' (move to verified list when confirmed):
* Apple 300, 300i (Sony CDU-8003, CDU-8003A) 
* Apple's "New" CD (Matsushita CR-8004) 
* Chinon CDS-535 (note: needs v2.0 firmware "Q20" or "R20") 
* NEC CDR 500, CDR 510, CDR 600 (MultiSpin 3x series) 
* NEC CDR 400 (MultiSpin 3xp portable) 
* NEC CDR 900 (MultiSpin 4x Pro quadruple speed) 
* NEC CDR 84-1 (74-1) needs special new firmware upgrade from NEC 
* Sony CDU-561 
* Toshiba XM 3301TE (Silicon Graphics version) 
* Toshiba XM 3401TA, XM 3401B 
* Toshiba XM 3401TE (Silicon Graphics, and Sun versions) 
* Toshiba XM 4101TA Toshiba XM 5301TA
* Hitachi 6750S

And also remove this:
Protected CD:
SecuRom 3
PX-4824A (ecc/edc of the 2 sector doesn't match)
CDS200, Label Gate, XCP
PX-4824A (doesn't get the TOC correctly)

It's no use mentioning individual issues for certain discs/drives. A lot of things can go wrong during dumping. The dumper needs to learn himself how to pick up on these issues.

Also the section 'Disc Compatibility' isn't really needed. DIC should work with any CD.

A guide should be as compact and easy to read as possible.

escarlata wrote:

In what situations a Plextor drive would be useful?
Audio Tracks? SafeDisc? SecuROM? Any other protection?

Any CD dump

Hi. You probably need to update the firmware of the PX-716 for it to work with DIC: http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_252- … 1.exe.html


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The new test version dumps the disc correctly, thanks!


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Trying to dump a CD-i game (Dimo's Quest).

It seems that the offset is misdetected, which results in a dump with shifted data that is missing 3816 bytes in the first sectors.

What is also strange, is that when I do a normal sector view in IsoBuster with the Plextor, there is an offset in the data sectors. The Optiarc drive does not have this.

The old px_d8 tool detects the combined offset correctly as -924. The dump should match this other disc(which also matches Trurip) - http://redump.org/disc/35804/

Is this a drive bug or a software bug?

It's still on the TODO list - http://forum.redump.org/topic/7446/data … o-shedule/
iR0b0t is the only site coder, so no idea if or when this will be implemented.