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This could be a bug in EAC.. You can try right click Track02 > Sector View in IsoBuster, then going back 152 sectors and then forward again until the sync (00 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF etc) is no longer visible.. then you will know where the data track ends and what the pregap length really is.


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The 760A will do fine.. If it hangs in the middle then either the disc is damaged or your rebadged drive is not able to read the track02 pregap.

Try looking on ebay for a sony 100E or 120E, that's where most of the dumpers got theirs. There are also some other drives, like some of the Samsung SD-616 models (see http://www.accuraterip.com/driveoffsets.htm), but you'd have to be sure that the one that's on sale is the exact same model.

EAC + IsoBuster is perfectly doable (check our updated dumping guide if you haven't done so already), but you'll still need a large offset drive for certain discs.


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I've sent you another e-mail containing the link to a more recent version. It appears that this bug was fixed in a newer version.


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I think it's okay for dumpers to obtain a beta copy of the program. Get in touch with us on IRC or mail.

There have been some internal conflicts between the developers of the program. Right now the program is in process of being ported to another language, so I fear it's still gonna take some months until it's ready for public release.


we mean to tell that EAC's REFERENCE offset is wrong and should be corrected with -30.. so the offsets displayed in the accuraterip database (http://accuraterip.com/driveoffsets.htm) or the one that is detected by EAC should be corrected with -30.

This applies to ALL CD's and of course ALL drives..


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We've updated the PlayStation BIOS datfile. Big thanks to the MESS project for all the new dumps!


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Gap detection with EAC can be a pain.. I don't know if Sega discs really have 1.74 gaps, but PSX discs certainly do not.


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amount of scrambled data = 1699, so +1699 is what you use in EAC for this specific drive (your calculation was correct).

the factory write offset (offset added during manufacturing of that particular disc, only used for information purposes and not for dumping) should be 1699 -24 (+6-30) = +1675

I hope p_star can explain why he mentions +1700 instead of +1699?

also, nice to see no-intro working on cd-based media smile


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Plextor drives are very reliable, for instance the 760a.


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Happy new year smile