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Weee big_smile I wonder why that game is so expensive anyway


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Thx.. the read errors are in different positions really, so I guess they are both caused by scratches.

@JayFoxRox: I got Excel to calculate the first 16 error ranges (just to see if that was possible tongue), but the remaining values in rows 17-23 don't look like they are start + end PSN's at all (and they are not in sequence with the previous 16 rows). Did you find any info about what these bytes might be?



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yilez wrote:


I have 2 copies of the xbox version of Jaws unleashed (Europe version), however they both fail ripping at around 40%. Is this just a coincidence, or do xbox discs have a known issue that causes degradation?

One of the discs is clearly rubbish (the print side has some see-through bits), but the other one looks pretty good to me.

Should I try cleaning it and see if it rips, or what? As these are rare, (and expensive) I want to be able to send it back if it is damaged, so don't want to do anything to make things worse.


Edit: Actually, they both have print-side scratches. Back they both go!

But question still stands - do xbox discs have any known degradation issue?

wiggy2k also has 2 copies of Jaws Unleashed that he was having trouble reading (he does have a polishing machine now though. Not sure if he managed to fix them) tongue either that's a coincidence, or there could be another reason for the errors than scratches/degradation (also in light of this discussion: http://forum.redump.org/topic/15998/ori … ergh-disc/ )

Could you share the SS.BIN, and tell us at exactly which sectors the errors start on both discs?

If the errors occur outside of any of the 23 security placeholder ranges, then at least we know that our dumping method isn't to blame.

Our dumping method revolves around the idea that security placeholders are simply ranges of readable/unreadable sectors with random padding that were placed on the disc as a copy protection mechanism. These unreadable ranges were witnessed by examining DVD2Xbox logs and dumps, and IIRC also by "hot"swapping DVD9's by Xbox discs, to fool a drive into reading the Xbox disc.

I believe the SS table suggested that 16 out of the random 23 entries are used. Not always the first 16.

If this theory is correct, then it would mean that "clean" ranges were replaced with zeroes and actual security ranges were included in the dump? In any case, we haven't encountered any unreadable sectors that were outside the first 16 ranges, with the 1654 Xbox1 discs dumped so far, even though IIRC all security placeholders contain unreadable sectors.

I still don't have an account btw

One of the admins should take care of that.

Feel free to keep posting your findings and contribute any dump info. If our dumping methods prove to be wrong or inadequate, we will do our best to fix that, but so far there is no evidence to suggest that anything is wrong with the dumps.

Of all the accounts you are approving each week, only a couple end up submitting dumps. Maybe it's time again to remove all accounts with no contributions / dumps posted and inactive for 1 year?


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Error count + SecuROM data is missing. Please redump with latest DIC version.

Cuesheet is missing. Plz redump with DIC if you can.

Please redump with DIC.

Version number (from system.cnf) is missing.


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Can you reupload the scans

Hi and welcome,

Here's a link to the source code of our tool ss_sector_range. I don't have the one for the latest version, but nonetheless this should help you with your research: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7046l9s2h … ha_src.zip

From what I can recall from our research, Xbox360 has 23 security sector ranges, but Xbox1 only has 16. This was also evident from the error log that dvd2xbox created when creating dumps on the actual console, and the Xbox SDK also contained a tool for creating Xbox Game Discs, where you had to position the game data between 16 (8 for each layer) security placeholder ranges.

From the .cpp:

The 2048 byte Xbox1 decrypted security sector file contains 2 copies of the table with sector ranges:

        - table 1: 1633 to 1839 (207 bytes)
        - table 2: 1840 to 2046 (207 bytes)

    The entries are 9 bytes wide, so there are 9x23 entries (or rows). The sectors are the last 2x3=6 bytes
    of each row. On the Xbox1 there is only 16 sector ranges, so you only need to display the first 16 rows.

As for the lack of information: We now merely list the CRC32 of the SS to identify between different sectors that are known for each game. We could also add new fields for any data from the SS that might be crucial, but seeing as to how it's possible to extract files from personal backups, transfer them to the console and play, I guess that emulators will also be able to play games without having to rely on the PFI/DMI/SS (correct me if I'm wrong).


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This was already reported to iR0b0t.. will be replaced soon by 'uu'.


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There are also discs with digital audio silence (aka all zeroes) for the last data track sector(s). In particular discs with 01:74 Track02 pregap. Those clearly have the first audio sector shifted into the data track due to a mastering error. Do you also want to rely on subchannels in those cases and descramble? roll


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Maybe this could be an option for server fees, but this is for iR0b0t to decide, because he's the one paying for the server fees atm. Purchasing games for dumping seems like a legal grey area though, because you use donations to add hashes and info to a database, but somehow these dumps also end up on people's HDD's. MAME has been doing succesful fundraisers though for purchasing and dumping rare games, but privately and not via Patreon.

Another thing is that dumping rare games doesn't have to be a loss-making enterprise. I have dumped plenty of rare games and either sold them on (also with profit) or used my legal right to return the games for a refund. I think most of the remaining dumpers have either found ways to get and dump games as cheap as possible, or they really buy the games for their own collection. Donation money should only be used for buying games and selling them again after dumping, and not to fund private collections.

And the final argument is that, even if we got $1000 per month for dumping Saturn games or whatever, we would need trustworthy dumpers with a proven track record and with a lot of spare time who are able to deliver these dumps in a certain timeframe. Most active dumpers just don't have the time to do a lot of dumps each week.


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sarami wrote:

Uploaded 20170507 https://github.com/saramibreak/DiscImag … r/releases
- added: /np /nq option
- changed: Option name /g -> /nr, /l -> /nl, /se -> /ns
- changed: Some log message
- changed: Disabled SSE2 of vcxproj (for old cpu)
- changed: MaximumTransferLength is limited to 64KB (can't read 128KB)
- improved: Checking argument (check command-length)
- improved: Subchannel ripping of SecuROM
- fixed: Reading DirectoryRecord
- fixed: Output unnecessary hash

I'll try slowly. I installed Visual Studio 2017 and VirtualBox, Vagrant (box with bento/ubuntu-16.04) in host PC, and installed gdb and gdbserver, g++ in guest PC.

cool thanks for all your hard work.. I don't know where we would be without DIC


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A short introduction would be nice. What are you hoping to contribute?


just wait a bit longer please. I guess ir0b0t didn't have time yet to read your post (he's the only one approving accounts atm)


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ssjkakaroto wrote:
Jackal wrote:

Re-Volt already had the correct data. The latest change only affected some discs. All those discs are fixed now:

Re-Volt only had the correct data because I sent you the sub file from cdtool or have you forgotten? DIC wasn't able to create the intention file for it, now it can.

Ok, I thought you redumped it specifically because of 20170423 test version.


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ssjkakaroto wrote:

Tried again with the new version. Here's the intention file output: https://pastebin.com/6L0DfLeK

Re-Volt already had the correct data. The latest change only affected some discs. All those discs are fixed now:



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Hi, could you post fixed SecuROM data for Colin 2 plz.


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ssjkakaroto wrote:

Subintention file was still blank with the test version using the following command line: DiscImageCreator cd k Re-Volt 4 /d8 /c2 /ns /s 2

dunno what /ns does, but for SecuROM you need /se


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is it possible to make DiscImageCreator Wine-compatible, or even make a native Linux binary? I don't know how much of the code is Windows-specific.

Not for me, but on some other forums people mentioned that they couldn't get it to work with Wine, so just wondering.


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the latest version is unable to detect the sectors for these discs (subIntention.txt = empty):


All PSX ITA have the same capitalization.


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Just to clear up some confusion, Redump.org is and always will be a public preservation project that is open to new contributors.

New accounts can be requested here: http://forum.redump.org/forum/13/guests … -requests/

For dumping CD's (with DiscImageCreator), the main hurdle is the need for a genuine Plextor drive. Over the years, we have been able to accomodate new dumpers by offering them locally bought Plextor/Plexwriter drives at affordable prices (around 20-30 EUR including shipping). We are still offering these services, so if you are a prospective dumper aiming to make a lot of contributions, but in need of an affordable Plextor drive, feel free to contact us.

Other media types and systems such as XBOX (360), GC/Wii, DC, PS3 each have their own set of tools and equipment that are needed for dumping. Instructions for these systems can be found in the stickied topics in the General discussion forum: http://forum.redump.org/forum/7/general-discussion/

Undumped lists for various systems (not always complete or up-to-date) can be found in our Wiki: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … yet_dumped