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In what situations a Plextor drive would be useful?
Audio Tracks? SafeDisc? SecuROM? Any other protection?

Any CD dump

Hi. You probably need to update the firmware of the PX-716 for it to work with DIC: … 1.exe.html


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The new test version dumps the disc correctly, thanks!


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Trying to dump a CD-i game (Dimo's Quest).

It seems that the offset is misdetected, which results in a dump with shifted data that is missing 3816 bytes in the first sectors.

What is also strange, is that when I do a normal sector view in IsoBuster with the Plextor, there is an offset in the data sectors. The Optiarc drive does not have this.

The old px_d8 tool detects the combined offset correctly as -924. The dump should match this other disc(which also matches Trurip) -

Is this a drive bug or a software bug?

It's still on the TODO list - … o-shedule/
iR0b0t is the only site coder, so no idea if or when this will be implemented.


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Not eager to respond to all your questions, because you don't bother replying to my pm's either, but I'll say this about DPM:

also this might be a dumb question, but is there any possible way to get an 100% accurate descriptor file or is this just one of those things that our drives can't do 1:1?

I think nobody here ever really looked into the ways of preserving the Data Positioning Measurement data, because the format is proprietary/undocumented and the results seem to be different for each drive and even on the same drive if it's dumped multiple times or at different speeds. We could've gone the trurip way on this and preserve a single dump, but redump is about verifiable results. This is also why we're not hosting full subchannels: It's almost impossible to obtain 100% clean unaltered subs. Maybe this approach doesn't help preservation in the end, but since it's essentially metadata, it can always be added at a later time once a sensible preservation method is chosen. The SecuROM subchannel data was added 10 years later, but it only took us a couple months to recover more than half of the missing data (although some discs are missing the pregap sector).
It would be interesting to get some more info on exactly how the DPM data is retrieved and stored. If anyone has this info, feel free to let us know. Maybe a better way of preserving this would be to retrieve the accepted range of values from the game binaries in some way that the game checks for (good luck with that).

These dumps all have ~462 error sectors. This is the number that you should aim for with these discs.

You basically start by getting a "rough" dump of the data track. I prefer to use CloneCD with Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner and Sector Skip set to 500.
The problem also is that you will still need DIC for the audio tracks, cuesheet etc.. Currently the only way that I know to get DIC to skip through the ring without taking forever is to press the eject button of the drive when it starts retrying sectors, then wait until it filled enough sectors with dummy data, and then pause the command prompt by right clicking into it. Then when the program is paused, press the eject button again and when the disc is loaded again, let command prompt resume and it will continue reading the remaining post-ring area of the disc.
Ideally sarami could implement some kind of smart sector skip function that skips x sectors after x read errors, maybe for a preset range.

When you have a dump of the data track with a wide error range, the next step is to try and read as many sectors as possible before and after the ring, and inject them into the image.
Reentrant made a tool to help automate this process. The tool lacks any documentation / help text, so it's better not to share it for now. Maybe he can make a more "release friendly" version. The tool lets you specify the range that you want to read, the direction (back / forward or both), number of retries for each sector, etc. It looks at the reference image to determine if a sector is corrupt, and then saves any readable sectors to a folder. The tool can then be used to inject the readable sectors into the image.

For the 2 dumps that I did, I used a combination of drives (Optiarc + Samsung + Plextor) to get as many readable sectors as possible. It's a trial and error process that can take several hours. OptiArc drives are well suited for reading most sectors, but keep in mind that you would still need a Plextor drive to dump the rest of the disc (including the audio tracks) properly with DIC.

There should only be a handful of games with this particular protection (maybe only Blue Byte ones). They can be identified by the ring with spikes, that is also visible on the label side. Also, the errors start at around 94% of the data track IIRC, so comradesean's disc might be a different protection.

sarami wrote:
comradesean wrote:

I'm at a loss. Using the Optiarc with CDM and I'm getting different number of errors every time I run it again.

edit: Got the same number of errors on two different dumps, but different errors and mismatch on CRC.

comradesean wrote:

So... I got tired of running it over and over and I decided to run it with DIC with c2 checking.
DiscImageCreator.exe data I "Settlers III - Disc 1" 4 0 228319 /c2 9999 40960 4

For the time being, you should not use your precious time until they(Jackal, reentrant) release the detailed dumping instruction of the ring protect. If this keeps up, we can't verify that their dumps is good or bad.

I'm not gonna invest any time in this issue until comradesean replies to some pm's that I sent a while ago.

All I can say for now is that trying to dump this with a plextor + DIC is a waste of time.


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"308558-->308560 isn't readable.
Track 3 is recognized as Audio mode in IsoBuster."

I guess the shift is caused by data > audio transition?


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olofolleola4 is having some problems dumping a disc. The disc has 3 data tracks and in the third track seems to switch between different data modes. DIC seems to be descrambling it erroneously, starting from byte 529200.
There seem to be some bytes missing in the last sector of the .scm, which make it impossible to fully descramble.

When I manually descramble the .scm, I get these results:

D:\dic>eccedc check "d:\descramble_CDDA_TEAZLE_CD (Track 3).bin"
FILE: d:\descramble_CDDA_TEAZLE_CD (Track 3).bin
[F:handleCheckOrFix][L:512] GetLastError: 2, The system cannot find the file specified.

If sub file exists, this app can check the data sector precisely
Checking sectors (LBA)    512/   512
User data vs. ecc/edc match all

Does this mean that if properly descrambled, the dump is correct and doesn't need any 0x55 fixes?



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sarami wrote:
Jackal wrote:
usurper wrote:

Sarami, if you are looking for a challenging protection, get yorself this or this disc. … 6FS54.html … 6FS55.html

This one from the same publisher has the same protection: … edVeryGood

GameCopyWorld wrote:

The process took 18 hours to complete because about 35% of the CD contains unreadable errors!

What protection is this?

How to find out? Gamecopyworld lists it as 'Read errors'.


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usurper wrote:

Sarami, if you are looking for a challenging protection, get yorself this or this disc. … 6FS54.html … 6FS55.html

This one from the same publisher has the same protection: … edVeryGood

GameCopyWorld wrote:

The process took 18 hours to complete because about 35% of the CD contains unreadable errors!


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use CDmage

Oops yeah, ringcodes are also missing. Would be best to post some scans of the inner ring on the back of the disc.


PVD and copy protections / DRM info are missing.

There should be 10 errors max for SmartE, so your disc 3 is prolly damaged. Are you using DIC with a plextor drive?


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Plz submit via New Disc form


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Did you guys even do a search? tongue


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MSF: 04:09:30 Q-Data: 410101 04:05:30 00 04:49:30 9b33  xor 8001 068d P2 xor 02 40

this one wasn't detected..

May  7 2017 21:11:00
DiscImageCreator.exe cd J: Star Wars - Battlefront II (USA) (Disc 1) (Play Disc).bin 8 /rc /c2 3 /d8 /ns /s 2


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MSF: 01:41:62 Q-Data: 410101 01:39:62 00 01:41:62 89a9

This one shouldn't be included (not SecuROM data)


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I've added your verifications. For the new dumps, please use the New Disc menu:


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yilez wrote:

I had trouble reading the IFPI numbers:!AlxYWxW6UVwdjaERZT93WOB8dm3FNw!AlxYWxW6UVwdjaESARvVXxGlTG8zhg

In case someone can do a better job.

IFPI 0784 < added as 07B4 (could be wrong)
IFPI 0739 < that's the best I can make of it too


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Problem with disc:

This is a clear case where 00:00:00 Track02 pregap causes audio data to be moved into the data track.

From previous discussion: … or-sector/

"If sync doesn't exist in the sector of mastering error, this sector shouldn't be descrambled. Because no sync = not a valid data sector."

However, DIC is descrambling these sectors. This is wrong.


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Nuts! 5 discs, all with errors.. Is this game cursed?


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yilez wrote:

Good luck. I was getting into the £50 mark. Also checked cex in Wrexham this afternoon just on the off chance. Nothing, though.

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