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>Preservation enthusiasts will do the needed dumps sooner or later, but there should be a proper software for that.


Not everyone wants to waste time and cash for pointless, unverifiable sectors.

There are yellow Xbox 360 dumps that nobody cares to fix, and many Xbox NTSC discs that nobody wants to buy - … sing_Dumps (because the PAL discs are already dumped). So, don't expect anyone to to buy and redump 4.000 discs, even if it's confirmed that the missing data can be dumped/verified.

"the data is not useful" - agreed
"its not fully retrievable" - yes, if you're talking about the physical rings that are unreadable, but we don't know yet how many sectors can't be retrieved because of this.
"and the result will be no dumps verify" - tests need to be done in order to confirm this

F1ReB4LL started a discussion on discord about Xbox / Xbox 360 dumping.

Our current dumping method skips through the full range of every security sector range and fills this data with zeroes.
For Xbox1 discs, it's 16 x 4096 sectors and for Xbox 360 it's 2 x 4096? with each sector being 2048 bytes.

The argument is that this is not in line with the "redump dumping method" and that all data within the main reading area of the disc should be preserved.

Arguments against the current method:
- Fails to preserve all the (readable) data that is located in the security sector ranges.

Arguments in favor of the current method:
- It might be difficult or impossible to dump the missing data. Reading through the physical rings could take a lot of time, and different drives and/or discs could give different results (with some drives being able to read more sectors at the start and end of each ring than others), meaning it could be difficult to verify a dump that is done this way.
- The Xbox console itself blocks out access to the full range of every security sector. Dumping a game on an actual console (using dvd2xbox) results in the drive giving read errors in the the same sectors that are currently skipped on the PC dumping method.
- The data inside the security sector ranges seems to be random garbage that has no meaning or purpose.

I'm aiming to do some tests soon to see how long it would take to do a full dump using different drives and if the results are different between different drives. I only have 1 Xbox1 disc here ATM and it seems to have 5 physical rings, whereas the Xbox 360 discs that I have all seem to have 2 rings (one close to the center and one near the outer edge of the disc). It remains to be seen if all Xbox1 discs have 5 physical rings.

Hope sarami can have a look at this, but for the ring sections you'll need something other than a plextor / DIC.

Please supply the full ringcode.

@user7 it was speculation, they can be removed from the wiki when dumped


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Is actually a Demo and Multi5 language? Because the DL-DOL-DVJP-NOE did have that.

The No-Intro rules aren't suited for Chinese releases.. games can have really weird box titles that are completely different from the (often English) ingame title.


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@iR0b0t, before you add any new moderators, maybe remove some?

Rocknroms - hasn't been around since 2011, why is he still a moderator?
gorelord4e - last post 2015.. he's still around, but clearly not moderating
LedZeppelin68 - perhaps a nostalgia thing, but he's also not a moderator

And whoever wants to be a moderator has to realize that it's a long term commitment. Some of the recently appointed moderators were very active in the beginning but then started getting busy IRL.

Then there's also some moderators (including myself as of lately) who are mainly adding their own dumps and not bothering at all with forum submissions due to late of time. The WIP discs are also packed full. I guess tenyuhuang should be nominated as moderator also for adding all the Chinese stuff.


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Hello, plz include disc/ringcode scans. There seem to be missing/incomplete ringcodes and no edition/barcode info.


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There seem to be no errors, it just forgets to dump layer2.


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There's a problem where DIC is only dumping the first layer for double layer games.

Previously, this game was affected:

And now another disc from Kludge. Attached some logs.

I really hope there aren't any other bad dumps in the db because of this bug hmm


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ajshell1 wrote:

So, should discs like this be PC as well?

Probably yeah


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@iR0b0t dont discredit someone because of the e-mail address that they are using!

The ip is Austrian. AtariBuff is known to be Austrian.

Grand Theft Auto IV (World) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Disc 2) was "USA, Europe", and was then dumped by Pietro, as Brazillian. It is my opinion that in this case, it should just stay "USA, Europe" with "Brazil" in the comments

I think you are taking the "World" thing too literal. It basically mean different continents, but not (just) the continents that are in the typical twin regions.

USA + Europe + Australia should be World, not USA, Europe.
Same goes for USA + Europe + Brazil.

Interstate '76 is Europe + Brazil

Let's not make new twin regions for every new combination of countries that pops up. If we have like 5 or more discs with the same twin region then it's worth adding, but not for 1 or 2 discs imo.

Seems to be legit

The thing is, the ringcodes are all different, and we checked the AOE3 dump and it has 10 errors and the data seemed fine. The data differences are not in the error sectors but around them. So I guess you should add both your dumps as (Alt).

Could you try to dump both discs on a non-plextor drive with CDM or CloneCD and see if you can get matching dumps with 10 errors?

ajshell1 wrote:

Sarami recently released a new test version of DIC. It dumped Fable TLC with a proper checksum, so I dumped the other two discs with it as well.

And wouldn't you know it, my CDManipulator dumps match the new version's dumps. And CDArchive doesn't give me any errors after scanning them.

With that in mind, I've uploaded my logs here.

With Jackal's permission, I'll adopt these checksums as the proper dumps.

Do you have the ringcodes for your dumps? They are prolly mastering differences. I don't see how different dumps from the same disc could cause differences? I mean, the only way it could mess up is if one dump has more than 10 errors?

Just make sure your dumps have 10 errors, otherwise it's a bad dump. You could also use CDM or CloneCD. The only difference with DIC should be in those 10 sectors. The last 2336 bytes should be 0x55 bytes.


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sarami wrote:

I'm not sure about it, but many sony dadc discs have -647. At least, I hope all 99 modified SecuROM discs are dumped again to get _disc.txt.

Does your Colin McRae Rally 2 disc also have -59 in one mode?
I guess we only need to check a couple discs and if they all have this problem, just fix all -59 discs to -647.
I dont know if this also affects discs with +588 offset which should be 0? Many discs have +588.

Jackal wrote:

SubCode[0] dumps only main-channel. dic only uses this to output offsets in _disc.txt. No problem about sub-channel.
Or does this question mean that SecuROM sector 157 haven't fixed yet?

No, this was the only disc