If you're using DIC with /c2 then there's no real need to dump twice.


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Saw your original post, you naughty boy wink


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Maybe send Kludge a pm. He's from the UK also and has a ton of plextor drives. Pretty sure he could miss one.


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This game has the same type of protection: http://redump.org/disc/46743/

There are 32 sectors without EDC (so they won't show up on an error scan) that give different results on different drives. So I filled those sectors (32 on both games) with 0x55.

Also, both games have an INDEX 02 on Track 1.

There's 2 empty audio sectors at the end of the data track. The 01:72 Track02 is indicative of that. Yes, it's bad mastering.

It's fine.. just audio sectors moved into the data track. Just wanted to be sure.

cdmage error count for Track1? Contents of last sector?


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Tiger Hunt (Taiwan) was definitely a bad dump, so I changed it to red status. Error sectors were filled with wrong data, and probably there are more readable sectors than what's in the dump.

Formula 1 97 (Europe) (Track 01) has mastering errors at the end of the track. The dump should be correct.

Fritz 7 (Germany) (En,De) image is unavailable and yellow status (should be redumped anyway).


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We need to check for any Mode2 data tracks with 0x55 pattern. CloneCD apparently puts a mode1 byte (01) in the header always.

For this one I put 02: http://redump.org/disc/31914/


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There is a logic behind the naming tongue (USA, Europe) dump is the "parent", so that's why your USA one has (Alt)


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Use psxt001z to get the EDC info. But no point in checking it for verifications.

IsoBuster needs to be set to 'local file stamp' (in Options > File System settings)


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Use psxt001z --libcryptdrvfast

This is a valid fix. Nexy (the king of bad dumps) forgot to remove the 120 offset bytes.


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we currently only accept game-related contributions.


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See you soon smile Sorry to hear about your old man

Thanks @ Egen for finally dumping Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam

Just 1 missing game now yikes

The recent ps1 dumpers (user7, DangerBoy, wiggy2k, etc.) all say they either don't have the equipment for it, or that the ringcodes were illegible when they tried. Would be nice to see some more effort put into this, as the complete ringcodes could help uncover any potentially missing versions.

Just wondering, what makes you so sure that some firmwares were only released on disc and were never available for download?


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Copy's as in burned copy's? Those will do you no good here.

Looks good. Maybe it's better to just exclude all the DISK variants. they are the same files but with zeroes added. It's easy to recreate them from the original files, so no real point in having them imo.

Yeah I was talking about the PUP filenames.. No point in including the txt files.

For the descriptions, "PS3 System Software Update 4.81" format also gets my vote.

For filenames, I would prefer it to be as close as possible to how they were distributed by Sony. So I guess this means PS3UPDAT.PUP  / PS3PATCH.PUP for retail/CEX?

Is there any way to recover all the the original DECR / DEX version filenames? Maybe using archive.org?

Thanks for your explanation. Maybe I was too harsh. Whenever the datfile reaches a more 'final' state, I suppose there's no harm in adding it to our downloads.

Here are my suggestions:

Wouldn't it be better to leave all filenames inside the archives to PS3UPDAT.PUP? Or whatever filename they were originally distributed as. And to avoid duplicates, this would mean moving the padded disc-distributed versions to separate archives.

Also, the descriptions should be closest to Sony's official naming, so maybe instead of 'PS3 Official Firmware', use 'PS3 System Software' or 'PS3 System Software Update'?