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What does the change do exactly (apart from what I said)? I do not have advanced knowledge in all that. And why changing? I am a little curious.


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I was wondering, what happened to the PS3 key files from the website?
I haven't downloaded any for a few months but when I did a while back they would show the disc key in notepad while now they only show unintelligible symbols. If I remember correctly they were 34bytes (32 for the key + a new line) while now they are only 16. Also, weren't there dkey too before?

Now I got it all, thanks.

Thank you for the explanation. I kinda figured for the different REV but I wanted a clear explanation. For the xM, xS stuff, I am not quite sure I got it but it does not really matter.

I have a question. I don t know much about SS game rip. What are the different rev refering to ? If a game has a rev A and B, what does it mean, what is the difference ? Also, several games have an info like 3M, 4M, 10S, etc, what does it mean ?


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I'm sorry to create a topic for that but, i can't find the PSP UMD section anymore on the website. I could browse it a few months ago without problem but now (i haven't checked it for a while) i just can't find it while every other system are listed in the Disc section. Is this a bug or something ?