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Yeah, it's a different version.


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Any software that can dump UMD movies yet?


I think it should be instead of Microsoft Golf 2.0 it should be..

Microsoft Golf: The True Challenge Of Golf For Windows

http://www.mobygames.com/game/microsoft … Id,108309/
http://www.mobygames.com/game/microsoft … Id,108308/


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Thanks all around and happy holidays.

No front page news?  tongue

Well it came as a surprise to me, I am sure I am not the only one not familiar with this rule. It's also not inconceivable that someone might come here one day not knowing the rule with only a 500GB memory card (who's to say already hasn't) and using the right software submit though not intentionally faulty information.

@pepsidrinker: i don't really understand what you want to say, are you joking about me?

What do you mean? I should of quoted it but my response was to DJoneK comment that it was a known rule.

I had some material on my memory stick when I went to dump Dissidia (a new copy) so I didn't have enough room so it filled it up and told me to insert a new memory card, removed the personal material put it back into the psp and finished the dump. Had two parts, used the provided bat to combine them /b copy like we use here but the checksums didn't match the db, thought I might have another release anyways deleted it off memory card and dumped it again fully this time and that dump matches the db.

So there might be a bug having pspfiler separate into parts. Either it's that feature itself or because I had the first part still on it, messed up the dump. I am not sure.

When I am done dumping new games I will go back and test it by removing the first part1 and see if I get the same results.

EDIT: Looking at the two sizes they are different, the one with parts is 1645182976 to the fully dump one of 1646657536, so something is wrong with that way, I will put the same personal material on and retest it with taking the first part off the memory stick before dumping the second.

EDIT: Completed my test, pspfiler has a problem with dumping parts. The new part dump matches the first one. Which means if a dumper has to dump that way and dumps the game twice it will match but be incorrect. I hope it's just my setup, I have 5.50 Prometheus V4 CFW and is using PSP Filer Ver.6.6


Nice  smile

That's weird I had all games available on Gamefly. I must of some how missed that one.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/ … ition=used

Star Wars is available for $9.99

Actually all games are available under $10 on amazon.  Pokemon is the exception.

Don't forget XIII, that hasn't been dumped yet.  I just got done dumping WWE WrestleMania XIX I am adding now.


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Jackal wrote:

2001 isn't mentioned anywhere on neither pal and ntsc, so it's one of the many errors that you'll find on the internet.

Yeah, I know... I was going to delete my post as it displays the cover for it and 2001 isn't on it. I hate the naming of these games '99 has the date, 2000 has the date why decide to drop the 2001? Looks like shit....

Another example is the March Madness '98 then the yokels decided lets add NCAA  to the next three.


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The title should be changed to that listed in the subject.

That's good, just add Madden 08, which brings us down to 8..... Hardest one to receive is on the way to you, so thanks again. Gamecube US will be done by end of summer.

That's cool,  pm me a paypal link and I will send some back to you, or pay it forward to one of the ongoing donations whatever. If you don't have any means to dump it, its not hard but if you don't have the equipment you could send it to me if you're in the states. I am in WI.

Because of the limited number of pressed discs and the only way to get a copy was from pokemoncenter in New York.

Shame, it has been sold. Now the cheapest is $125, hopefully someone from here bought it.

According to a guy that has everything released for US gamecube this is what we are missing.

1.Demonstration Test Disc Release October 2001
2.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc Aug 2002
3.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc Jan 2002
4.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc Jun 2002
5.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc Oct 2001
6.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 14
7.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 15
8.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 16
9.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 17
10.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 18
11.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 19
12.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 20
13.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 21
14.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 22
15.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 23
16.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 24
17.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 25
18.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 26
19.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 27
20.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 28
21.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 29
22.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 30
23.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 31
24.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 32
25.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 33
26.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 34
27.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 7
28.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 8
29.Interactive Multi-game Demo Disc version 9
30.Naruto 2 demo
31.Nintendo Gamecube Service Disc version 1.0/03
32.Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike demo
33.Soul Calibur 2 demo

1.Disney Sports Football
2.Disney's Party
3.Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure
4.Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee
5.Madden 2008
6.Nickelodeon Party Blast
7.Pokemon Box Ruby and Sapphire
8.Spirits and Spells
9.Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
10.The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
11.The Haunted Mansion (the list in this thread says it was dumped but I don't see it in the db)
12.The Sims


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I don't see why not, from what I read they can be dumped with ISOBuster...iirc there was a few select titles that have problems, I can look again.

Yeah, isobuster can dump all the games but the cd-i ready which is an enhanced cd (these discs the data track was stored in the pause sectors preceding track 1).

I have a guide if you are interested, staff can take a look at it as well and come up with something for the cd-i ready discs.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/tdhvo02mg … ide_v2.pdf

If the section is added, I am able to get some also.

http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Box-Ruby- … amp;sr=1-1

A kind soul that can afford $109 be my guest.  smile

I found it for sale for $109, wondering if anyone wants/can donate to purchase this rare utility to finish up the US gamecube set?

I can post paypal if there is interest.

I don't think his dump is wrong I think that is just how it is. Take his dump here and it's comment.

USA serial Korean version with a different hash, USA version needs to be redumped for confirmation.

I am not going through all of the psp dumps, asaspy can say his piece when he gets to the site but look at this dump here Has both US and Asian serial. The US one don't US

Just to add a dump that isn't by asaspy here is one from p_star with different region serials together.here


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Sorry I am not near those discs, I have them in storage four hours a way.  This has been asked before here and my original post here

I have dumped both discs minimum of two times each (each disc dumped both with EAC & Perfect Rip). Both of them with different drives. Since it was 2 years a go I don't remember exactly how many times I have dumped them this is just the minimum.

Thanks velocity37, that is what happens to me. I will d/l it again and use XP compatibility mode.

I am using Windows 7 X64 and protectionid crashes everytime I try and use it. Does anyone know of another one that can work on my OS?


EDIT: I got it from http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/  v6.3.5 is that the latest version? Is says it's fully compliant.