Just noticed Gamewave isn't.accessible via the "Discs" drop down menu on redump.org homepage


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Thanks man big_smile

Submitted via New Disc (with logs etc).

ajshell, here's the CD dumping guide: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … e_Creator)

It includes info on how to use psxt001z and edcccccccchk. That is where you should be getting exe date info, edc info, etc... assuming you have a compatible Plextor.

dizzzy aka user7 smile I'm in touch to make sure he knows how to redump properly

Lol, it might be cheaper for you to get an internal drive anyway. xTMODx found some older desktop drives for cheap, did you ever buy those?

Another one snatched up at a high price. I threw $45 bids on the rest, putting them out of mind. I have a feeling whoever is buying them is planning to try to resell at a higher price in the future. We'll see if any of my bids land.


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Thanks Lizard smile

This is my homie Will. He has many PS2 discs on the miss list and will have a Plextor in a couple days.

Welcome Will! (it's me dizzzy)

Ouch, someone outbid me at 46$ on the one that just ended.

Ok, I will bid on one for you too if you cover price and shipping. I will bid maximum of 45$ on each drive and if I buy multiple drives I will sell for an average of the cost + shipping to me (which seller will combine shipping). I hope that means I will be able to resell the drives to you guys (without profit) for around $35-40 each (before shipping costs to you).

escarlata has worked out shipping with the seller and plans to buy one that ends in two days. He will update.

Douglie, these are great drives at a great price, let me know if you plan to buy one and pick one so I will not bid against you.

Schrodinger, I will bid on one of these for you.

Hey guys, I just talked with this seller, he can bring shipping costs down to about $20 for shipping in USA:
https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=& … p;_sacat=0

He also ships internationally and guarantees his drives are working.

LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO BID AND IF SO ON WHICH ONE! I will likely buy up the rest to have in case anyone needs in the future. But it's best if you buy it to save an extra shipping step.

Me and xTMODx have been keeping a close eye on eBay for Plextors. Do you have laptops or desktop computers?

Big Wave 2 dat courtesy of Dangerboy https://drive.google.com/open?id=16pvXg … mNT1U0w-3m

Thanks bro!


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Well it's a software variant, not sure if there's any physical differences with it. Same PSRM, so you might have to buy a lot of copies to track it down. Unless the difference is tied to the ring variation.

Does the disc have two blue circles by the ring code area like this: https://i0.wp.com/game-rave.com/wp-cont … elease.jpg

Or just one circle like this disc: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Big-Bass-World … 7Yl7uyG5DA

Thanks smile


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No kidding, nice find on the Big Bass revision. What is the PSRM?

.img is a different format. Redump with IsoBuster to bin/iso option.


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Any dumpers in Spain want a free game? smile
https://www.ebay.es/itm/JUEGO-PS1-UEFA- … 1c8479982a

Barcode matches the Spanish miss list (according to the listing description anyway).


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Great work man! So then what's the deal with these. Does a Spanish version exist with the same serial?

SLES-03283 - Italy - UEFA Champions League Season 2000-2001 - 5026555190459
SLES-03282 - Spain - UEFA Champions League Season 2000-2001 - 5026555190466


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Ok, in that case I"m going to update the guide's default PSX command to:

DiscImageCreator.exe cd d MyGameTitle_Dump1.bin 8 /c2 /nl

Please confirm this is ideal as a lot of people seem to be using my guide lately.


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Enker wrote:

Your disc should have the libcrypt protection. DIC needs the /nl option to correctly dump the .sub for libcrypt discs.

Umm... does that mean /nl needs to be used when dumping all PAL discs? How else are dumpers supposed to know otherwise... let me know and I'll update the dumping guide.


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That's great man. I figured he might be that kind of guy since he leant it for the repress project.


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Wow man! Congrats on the Surgical Strike dump, I just messaged you about that a couple days ago. How did you get ahold of it so fast / or did you have the owner redump for you?


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Welcome Kassidy

Sure post your info. I also have a VTech Spiderman that I have not yet submitted that doesn't match the one in the database, so there could be variants for other discs. Also I'm curious if all your Bratz ring info matches mine http://forum.redump.org/topic/16621/vtech-new/

PS: I put together a VTech miss list a couple weeks ago, pretty sure its 100% complete for all regions http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Games