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An Xbox is required to get the full features of this disc.

You can play all features of this Disc on an Xbox, you can't on a DVD-Player.

Going back to GameShark Updates, platform was determined by required hardware to access the features of the disc. They are technically CD-Audio, but to access the features requires GameShark hardware.


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Considering the DVD-Video spec is part of the Xbox spec, these should be Xbox no? The Xbox playable attribute exists outside of the DVD-Spec as an additional format change. Kind of like how PlayStation 1 games could have Audio Tracks making them Audio CDs, but the unique additional playable aspect is what designates the format. The data track is "additional" to CD Audio aspect of PSX discs, the Xbox playable attribute is "additional" to the DVD-Video aspect of Xbox discs.

Also relevant to discussion, Correctly classified in my opinion:

Let my homie in plz


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Edition should be: Press Disc
It's spelled with a "c" on the label

Rings upper:
A0100791689-A911 17
A01 (toolstamp)

Rings lower:
A0100791689-B911 17
A0 (toolstamp)

Sid Mould:


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one more verify from psx-collector

logs/ pic: https://mega.nz/#!C7RhGa6b!H8v7m03_ckp- … bpLTEXSxjs

Serial number: SCPS 45026
Region: Asia
Ring code: IFPI 4510


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dumper: psx-collector

Verification of: http://redump.org/disc/33486/
Logs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1c0rU3 … m756DFDywC
Ring code: IFPI 457E


Verification of: http://redump.org/disc/6552/
Logs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qNQW0 … FajnfjDCG7
Ring Code: IFPI 453A

"aw, redump says not taking new registrations"

An XML will only include data gleamed from discs, users will continue to input the other data.

F1ReB4LL wrote:

you still need to fill all those fields by yourself via some offline form

Incorrect, to clarify DICUI fills in a LOT of the data for you, for example:

  • *PVD data
    *version number for PS2 games

It can also do system (specified during system input in DICUI) and format (CD-Rom / DVD-5, DVD-9).

That's a lot of tedious work which can be flubbed if you're adding disc after disc. It will shave a lot of time off the process and increase accuracy if we could just upload an xml of this data output by dicui.


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PlayStation 3 CD-Rom: Some system update discs were CD-Rom, Olof already dumped one, and I can get another.

PSP DVD-5: Along with UMD, PSP development also makes use of DVD-Rs. Since PSP UMDs max out at 1.6GB, they should all be DVD-5s. These will only plays on dev and test kits.


These only play on PSP Dev and Test kits (same thing?)


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This entry has the title on disc, there's also a slightly different title on sleeve: "Welcome to the World of PlayStation Version 1.5"
Please include this as an alt title: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/YWkAAOSw … -l1600.jpg


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Can someone who speaks Japanese reach out to the PSP Filer dev asking if he would take on this challenge of dumping these types of discs? His contact info is here http://www.geocities.jp/mediumgauge/

Basically just translate this message and send:
"Hi, thanks so much for your great app PSP Filer!

We're dumping discs for redump.org preservation project. We preserve PERFECT dumps of discs for our dat.
We use PSP Filer as a rule for all our PSP dumps because the app dumps all game UMDs perfectly. However there are a few oddities which we are unable to dump perfectly with PSP Filer because they have video partitions, such as the Stealth movie / WipeOut demo combo disc http://www.mobygames.com/images/covers/ … -cover.jpg
Also "Demo Disc for PSP Vol. 1" has this partition as well.

As of right now there is no known "PERFECT" way to dump these discs. Would you be willing to update PSP Filer to handle these situations so we can perfectly preserve these discs?

Thanks for your time smile"

"Hmmm... how do I join Redump? It's closed for new registrations?"

Imagine a future where - instead of inputting the data manually into the submission template - most of it was done for you? Don't believe it? Well the future can be NOW!

Recently DICUI implemented a "!SubmissionInfo.txt" output file when dumping, this file aggregates all data that needs to be submitted:

Disc Number / Letter: (OPTIONAL)
Disc Title: (OPTIONAL)
System: IBM PC Compatible
Media Type: CD-ROM
Category: Games
Region: World (CHANGE THIS)
Languages: Klingon (CHANGE THIS)
Ringcode Information:
    Mastering Ring: (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)
    Mastering SID Code: (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)
    Additional Mould: (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)
    Toolstamp or Mastering Code: (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)
Barcode: (OPTIONAL)
Error Count: 0
Comments: (OPTIONAL)
Contents: (OPTIONAL)
Edition/Release: Original (VERIFY THIS)
Primary Volume Descriptor (PVD):

0320 : 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20  20 20 20 20 20 32 30 30                200
0330 : 35 30 33 33 31 31 31 31  36 30 30 30 30 08 32 30   5033111160000.20
0340 : 30 35 30 33 33 31 31 31  31 36 30 30 30 30 08 30   05033111160000.0
0350 : 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30  30 30 30 30 30 30 30 00   000000000000000.
0360 : 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30  30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30   0000000000000000
0370 : 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00   ................

Copy Protection: (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)


  TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

Write Offset: 0


<rom name="MIDWAY.bin" size="291314016" crc="e4e8c5e1" md5="9f654fd921e7bd7e4bf3278717a51a66" sha1="804c46bab96faf1e6341de5448ac036f48c57c5d" />

That's right, all that info that's inputted here was done autoMAGICally!!! (sure there's still some physical data that needs to be entered).

Well what if we could auto input this into a redump.org submission in "ADD DISC"? WELL SOON YOU CAN (pending iRobot/etc adds the feature).

darksabre76 is ready to code an xml output with all the info, and we just need redump.org to accept submission via this xml to auto-fill this info. No more hours of manually entering data, no more second checking to see if it's correct, NO MORE HUMAN ERROR!!1

DICUI 1.07 has been released https://github.com/reignstumble/DICUI/releases/tag/1.07

It fixes many quirks/crashes that some of us were experiencing plus offers new features.

  • *Separated system and media type for easier navigation
    *Combined instances of single- and dual-layer discs
    *Removed reliance on sg-raw and psxt001z
    *Added system and disc type to the submission info
    *First attempt at getting current disc type
    *Made the three PSX-specific fields (EDC, Anti-modchip, and LibCrypt) automatically filled in, when possible
    *Many, many, many behind the scenes updates for speed, future features, and stability

Thanks to sarami, ReignStumble, darksabre76, and Jack for your incredible contributions.

Thank you guys for your patience, a major update is due for DICUI very soon, bringing it to 1.07. Lots will be changed under the hood. I hope you will test the new version upon release and report if these problems still exist.


Please add this PS3 CD-Rom system, I have access to another one of these discs from USA.

"it's like semiprivate or something now
can't register
can't do anything"

Just submitted via new disc

Puuha Pete: Korjataanko: IFPI 942A *
Hugo 2: IFPI 94V8


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>1. Does this disc have protect?

I have no idea how to check

>2. How about other PS4 Kiosk discs (if you have)?

Same situation. I have 3 kiosk discs and more coming.

>3. And how about the result of the other blu-ray drive (if you have)?

I have a LITE-ON IHBS112 which is listed as PS4 compatible, this is the only BD-Drive I have.

Here's a file in one of the disc root which seems to be a catalog of the discs contents (not sure if it's useful info): https://pastebin.com/CbwLr4UF

Note: I bought a retail disc on ebay to confirm I can get reliable checksums with that, will help us narrow down the issue.


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I dumped with ISO Buster twice, different checksums and different sizes both times, discs are in flawless condition.


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I dumped a PS2 DVD and it matched, so that's fine. Also for whatever release a "DMI.bin" and "PFI.bin" output along with it as if it were an xbox game...


I don't have any of these / any PS4 retail games to check.


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Bump, redumped again my hashes matched my FIX post earlier. This entry needs updating with my hashes.


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PS4 Kiosk discs (dev discs?) are dumping with different checksums each time.

Logs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XxYCa … TmnFAiqa47

Luke Usher of cxbx when trying to register here: "On the note of contributing to redump (since what's the point of making dumps if I don't at least even post verifications) : Registrations are disabled?"