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Region: Europe

Variants dumped: France
France disc label title: ops2m demo 74/spa
France packaging title: PlayStation 2 Le Magazine Officiel 74

Why this is disc was released with French packaging, and not mixed up from a Spanish package:
Evidence 1: KHN submitted from French packaging: http://redump.org/disc/49492/changes/
Evidence 2: An ebay seller confirmed, also from french packaging: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ … mobile.png

The disc was likely repurposed from a Spanish release, so will likely match both.


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Packaging title: Das Offizielle PlayStation 2 Magazin: Special Edition 2004/02


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Variants dumped: Italy, Portugal


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Variants dumped: France, Australia


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Variants dumped: France, Australia


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France disc title: ops2m demo 13
France packaging title: PlayStation 2 Magazine 11


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France disc title: ops2m demo 12
France packaging title: PlayStation 2 Magazine 10


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Please add to comments:
France disc title: ops2m demo 11
France packaging title: PlayStation 2 Magazine 9

Presuming we stay with Jackal's numbering system, then the Italian entries should be modified to line up with the other OPS2M demos.

For example if the title should be renamed: Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo [number relating to UK release contents] (Italy).

Which carries none of the original information. I'm not sure why Italy did not receive the Jackal naming treatment yet, but Germany has - both of which refer to dates on their disc labels and not issue numbers.


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A few PS2 fixes unrelated to the numbering debacle:

These are all UK exclusives, also adding subtitles to the ones missing them:
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 11: The World's Best PS2 Games Ever (Europe)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 12: PlayStation 2 Blockbusters! (Europe)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 13 - Girls! Motors! Guns! War! Monsters! (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 14: The Hit Squad (Europe)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 15: Summer Blockbusters! (Europe)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 16: Buyers Guide (Europe)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 17: The Best Games Of 2003! (Europe)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 18 - Hot 100 (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 19 - 2004 Classics Hitlist (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Special Edition 20 - It's Here! (Europe)
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Crime Special (Europe)

Subtitles sourced on all of these Special Editions from Case Covers: https://crimson-ceremony.net/demopals/o … index.php?


Best Games Ever series is also UK exclusive:
^ these two are part of the same series:

"Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Greatest Hits Volume 4: Special Edition" should probably be the main title for the redump entries, not subtitles: https://crimson-ceremony.net/demopals/o … SCED-50161

>The disc title is "ops2m demo 73/benelux". ops2m = Official PlayStation Magazine.

The benelux demo is a regional exclusive for that serial number / data variant. A different number is on the sleeve, the correct chronological number in the series. Again, you're ignoring the fact that there are TWO demo #s for these releases and picking the one that is NOT linear to the local series.

>Using the magazine titles and issue numbers doesn't appear to be a good solution, especially because different magazine issues from different countries can have the same disc.

Its not just "Magazine titles and Issue Numbers" its the Demo Disc # on the sleeve. The sleeve demo numbers are ordered linear, the demo disc numbers are not.

>especially because different magazine issues from different countries can have the same disc.

These are already tracked inside the master (UK) entries - which are completely dumped, however this does not relate to regional exclusives.

> The solution that you provided for those cases of just picking one of the countries / issue numbers to go in the filename (and thereby ignoring the other ones) is unacceptable imo.

Its better to use one accurate title, than an inaccurate one. These regional exclusive discs are NOT released as the titles you're putting them as. You're ignoring the proper regional order and title/Demo# on sleeve, while defaulting to UK titles that don't even appear ANYWHERE on disc or packaging.

Here's an example of why your system of numbering is terrible.

Looking at AUS by going off the Disc Label Demo #s for issues 10-15, this is how your system would title them:

By going off the Sleeve Demo #s:

You're giving these entries Demo #s that came from re-used artwork, rather than their proper release order (sleeve demo #'s).

There are TWO Demo #'s on all these releases. You're choosing the bad system to act as title entries.

>One one hand, of course we want to use the titles used on the disc/box

Well to be clear, the box has one Demo # and the disc label has another Demo # often. Within a region, the box Demo # flows in a stable order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6..., whereas the disc label Demo # follows an uneven order: 3, 2, 7, 12. The reason is because the disc labels #s are adapted from the UK disc labels.

This usually doesnt matter because they'll match the UK entries (which are treated as master titles with sans-UK in their name), but when regional variants are unique builds, the waters get murky. This is why I believe using the packaging Demo # is more accurate, because the Disc Label #s are repurposed out from other counties out-of-order numerically. The disc label Demo # refers to "random grab bag region where we pulled disc label art from without updating it".

This is why it makes the most sense to use the packaging Demo #s.

However with NL Demo 80, it had a disc label # of 101. I can see this being a nice bookend and why it's tempting to name it as 101 in the redump entry, but in the context of all regions with exclusive variants, it's not the best approach due to the above mentioned chaos of disc label demo #s.

Yes, they did this in many instances. They reused UK labels, even when modifying the data so that it does not match UK releases. That's why there's such a huge mismatch between packaging #s and disc label #s outside of the UK releases.

MOST disc label numbers do NOT match their packaging #'s for anything outside of UK.

The packaging numbers count like this:

The disc label numbers count like this:

Re-read. This is about choosing one system of numbering over another. This does not relate to a specific incident but MANY, but your arbitrary changing of the most sensible system of numbering of random entries.

There are two Demo #s on all OPS2M releases, you're choosing the irrational option for the titles.


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>It's the Demo Disc 101

No, its not the 101th demo disc in the "Officieel PlayStation 2 Magazine" Benelux series. It was SUPPOSED to be the 101th released in the UK series, which was canceled.

It's the 80th demo disc released in the Benelux series, as indicated by the packaging/sleeve numbering. There are two numbering systems for PS2. Packaging numbering follows linearly, disc label number does NOT because it is adapted from other regional disc label art. See.

>Do you prefer to put both the Australian + French titles separated by a ~ ? Because that's the only alternative. And there could be several more countries with the same disc.

The problem is "Official Xbox Magazine Game Disc 23" is a UK title. Even though it doesn't have "UK" in the title, that's how the discs were released over there. As with all regional titles, its smart to choose a "master", one or the other to go with. We have done this for UK demos throughout the PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, X360 demo series.


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>Do you have pictures of the sleeves where it says "Officieel PlayStation 2 Magazine"?

Yes https://crimson-ceremony.net/demopals/o … SCED-55120

>The 101 disc was clearly intended for a European release, hence the disc title.

There was never an issue #101 released in NL. You're using a re-purposed disc title for an unreleased UK version which is very inconsistent. If you followed the disc label numbering for Benelux, the numbers would be skipping all kinds of numbers.

I've explained this thoroughly here: http://forum.redump.org/topic/23170/the … -it-worse/

Attention *clears throat* *taps podium mic*

As many of you know I've been hunting PS-series PAL demos for quite some time. OPS2M PAL demos are particularly tricky for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that discs from Region A often get released into Region B and the data is modified between regions. This by itself wouldn't be an issue, however the disc label from Region A carries over to Region B, which conflicts with the Issue # and packaging Demo # from Region B.

For example:
This demo was released as an exclusive to Benelux. This serial number has never been spotted in another region. Now there are technically two different demo #'s this could be labeled as:

* Officieel PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 73 (referencing the disc #)
* Officieel PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 57 (referencing the packaging # and issue #)

I argue the disc # is the incorrect one to use because it is incongruent with the regional ordering. If we used disc titles for all regional variants and lined them up, you'd see numbers wildly skipping around.

In addition to Jackal modifying / favoring disc label numbering (which is unintuitive), he also is renaming entries with the UK titles, for example this entry is named: "Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 73". Nowhere on this disc or packaging does "Official PlayStation 2 Magazine" appear, period!

In addition, many other entries go by packaging / issue numbering (which makes perfect sense), however Jackal's modifications do not!

Here's another example: http://redump.org/disc/51793/
The packaging number is 9, the issue number is 9. It is the 9th disc released in the series in France.
HOWEVER! If Jackal's reign of terror continues, this would be relabeled as "ops2m demo 11" because that's what the disc label says. Is it from the 11th issue? NO. Is it listed as the 11th Demo on the packaging? NO. Is it arbitrarily called the 11th issue on the disc label because the disc label art was ported from another region? YES.

For these reasons, we should go with the packaging Demo #'ing system and not the inaccurate disc labels that Jackal is so keen to use and mess up the database with. Right now, Redump OPS2M regional entries are a mish-mash of packaging/issue and disc label numbering.

Please let us bring accurate order to this chaos, not add to the misinformation.


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Region: Australia

title on disc label: ops2m demo 71 [note, this copy doesn't have the "uk"]

Ring codes match.


This was NEVER released as "Official Xbox Magazine Game Disc 23", that was a title from the UK series.

This was confirmed to be released under proper titles:
French title: Le Magazine Officiel Xbox: Le DVD Numéro 23
Australian case spine title: Official Australian Xbox Magazine Game Disc 23


Jackal, why do you keep adding inaccurate titles? This is another example of you editorializing titles that these discs were NEVER released as.


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I'm trying to help with consistency to fix these inaccuracies.

This comment is not based on evidence: "SCED-55120 = Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 101"

There is no evidence that this was released in UK as #101 - NOR AT ALL IN THAT REGION. The packaging refers to this title as "Officieel PlayStation" Magazine.

Here's evidence a 101 issue of ops2m was never released in UK [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStati … 2%80%93_UK]. "Final issue Number: July 2008, 100".


Ditto with: http://redump.org/disc/57254/

This was NEVER released with a title other than "Officieel PlayStation"


Please do not abuse your Mod-ship by cherry picking facts. This is causing unnecessary confusing and is inaccurate. We have accurate details and can fix the problems.


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Title should be: Officieel PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 80

Disc title: ops2m demo 101 eur

This was released with Issue 80 of the magazine in the benelux region, so pulling the demo number from the sleeve is more accurate than pulling it from the disc label.



Title should be: Officieel PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 57

Disc title: ops2m demo 73/benelux


Both should have region: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg
As indicated on the disc label for #57 this is a multi country release.

*Pokes iRobot with a sharpened stick.*

*Pokes this thread*

Are we at a standstill at getting Multisession discs added to redump, or are we waiting on DIC for an update?


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https://www.ebay.de/itm/X-Box-Classic-S … SwKL5cM2nF

Also not seeing any colons in this one.

If you use new lines as a reason to add colons
Xbox 360: Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin: Demo Disk 02/2007

should be:
Xbox 360: Das Offizielle Xbox-Magazin: Demo Disk: 02/2007

Going back to the UK example: Official Xbox Magazine Game Disc 01
The difference in color of "Game Disc 01" could read like a subtitle. That it's reiterated by itself on the disc label "Game Disc 01" again signifies a separate title element. And the cover just bearing "Official UK Xbox Magazine" as a standalone.

If you're going to interpret the spine that way, "UK" should be part of the title too at the very least.

The real question at this point is standardization, since these varying elements make it interpretive. However you're going to interpret it, interpret all the regional variants with the same method.