cIOS rev19 makes bad results and cIOS rev17 is confirmed working please update the guide to suggest cIOS rev17

MrFaust wrote:

I have been wondering this myself. I have been dumping a collection of Gamecube games at the moment with an LG drive. and it takes about an hour to dump each game with RawDump 2.1. I was curious if this is the best way to do this or if there is a faster and still accurate way to dump them. I do have a soft modded wii if that can be of better use. I also have a launch edition PSP and want to start dumping PSP games as well. So I am looking for the best tools and methods to do this. My other question is, what is the best method to dump Dreamcast GDroms? I do no currently have a BBA, but thought there was a dvd drive that could be used to dump this discs. If so which drive do I need to get and is there a specific firmware needed. Same goes for Xbox and Xbox360. Thanks guys. I know these are newbie questions that probably get asked quite often. Please forgive me there.

To dump Wii and Gamecube games using a Wii you need a 8GB and 2GB SD Card respectively also

cIOS rev 17 or 13b
you MUST USE one of these REVISIONs or you will get bad dumps

SuperDump 1.3

if you need any help dumping with the Wii let me know

ghost wrote:

I know this has happened to everyone, when you log to the site to see the dumps and then leave, the forum's new posts are makred as read and you miss them! So i have to manually check every section to see the latest post dates.


dont ever leave without checking latests posts !! zOMG your fault !!

Rocknroms wrote:

Ok, It's basically the same as SS/DC rings.

is there a tool for dumping the ring info ? other then using uLoader 3.5 i would love a PC program that is able to read this ring data

Rocknroms wrote:

Obviously if it will be it will be only for BCA games. We can simply make a list in this thread until the number of BCA games will be too big.

kiczek wrote:

What I really want to see is a way to dump the BCA data using a .dol file that does only that and doesnt require a softmodded Wii like uLoader 3.5

So you mean dumping it on a PC: I think we have to understand better what's BCA. As long as I read is an old encryption inside Wii that was never used until today. Strings are on disc otherwise what does it check? Can those string be dumped on the fly or not?

The Wii drive is able to read the BCA data on a retail disk
it's not iso data it's completely seperate data burned into the reflective layer with a YAG laser.

basically if the main.dol file asks the Wii to read the data and it is running a burned copy there is no way to physically read the data unless it is stored in a seperate location and the modchip or the loading method knows how to deal with it.

Rocknroms wrote:

I was thinking about the same after I read this tool info. Probably we have to archive those BCA 64bytes like libcrypt or similar but I don't know if it's safe to add them in DB.

BCA data is seperate from the disk data it's kind of like distributing a barcode / ring code I think it should be included in the database but only for games that have BCA Protection.

What I really want to see is a way to dump the BCA data using a .dol file that does only that and doesnt require a softmodded Wii like uLoader 3.5


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F1ReB4LL wrote:

It is readable, all the old non-added games are stickied to the top, the rest are all [ADDED] (unless missed by mods).

and it's also 86 pages long if your gonna edit the Topic Title it's just as easy to move the topic to a seperate forum just feel it's makes for better readability


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Since moderators are already adding [ADDED] to dumps that have been added wouldnt it be better to instead move those topics to a seperate subforum ?
For example
˪Added Dumps
It would make the forum much more readable and allow the current Dump Forum to instead of being 86 pages to be readable


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I would reccomend NOT using WiFi and sticking to a SD Card dumping option ONLY

the cIOS DVD Dumper is also rather slow so use SuperDump 1.3 or 1.2 :-P

chungy wrote:

You could also dump GameCube discs from a Wii, no modchips or extra hardware necessary, just as long as you have a wireless router.

You pretty just just need cIOS and the cIOS DVD Dumper: (yeah, I know that Waninkoko doesn't make the safest programs, but these ones can't do any real damage).


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If you own a Wii it is now possible to dump GameCube and Wii Games painlessly using SuperDump 1.3 and cIOS 13b

RawDump 2.0 or 2.1 is also an acceptable method to dump Wii or GameCube but requires a specific kind of of DVD Drive

I'll contact a IRCop immediately to fix this problem with you being unbanned

you should be banned always!!

foreverchat has become a "dead" chat network it has servers but the ircops have burned themselves out dealing with a massive amount of spam they used to recieve on the network daily.  It's quite annoying when you cant watch bsbt flood 30 gamecube dumps and whatnot.

hopefully someone helps fix your situation :-)

bsbt what about the games that you've dumped that havent even been done scene yet !! lol

the dumps were removed and im glad he understood why i was so sensitive with regards to those 2 dumps.

good work! and it allowed him to figure out a much better method to dump games.

lol what this discussion really should be about is why Haldrie refuses to delete his dumps.

    The 2 recent Wii dumps he made are bad because of the method he used to dump them. The Scene standard method to dump Wii games is using Rawdump 2.0 and the tool Haldrie used streams the data to a FTP site over WiFi which is unreliable and should not be trusted but the WiFi dumper "CAN" make a good dump but in this instance it definately didnt. I know for a fact Wii Sports Resort was dumped using a LG drive and Rawdump. 

Remove your dumps Haldrie and stop confusing the shit out of people with your ridiculously bad dumps and retarted comments.  With over 95% of scene dumps matching the database I trust them more then your retarted dumping tool which is KNOWN to cause bad dumps due to the WiFi aspect of it. 

asking people to redump something in a database comment is utterly retarted as the game still exists in the ClrMAME dat we know what needs to be dumped and what doesnt we dont want your stupid retarted dump to be added and I think it should be removed until it can be redumped with a more trustworthy method.

this topic has nothing to do with anyone elses dumps so dont even discuss them here.

if you agree with this post please reply with a quick HA HA Haldrie and lets make him remove his crap.

lol silly Haldrie the truth is he dumped 2 games using a shit Wifi dumper and cant redump them...

Rawdump is the defacto standard for dumping Wii / NGC games.  and when I asked him why one of his games was different from the PROMiNENT release he told me how he dumped them and i laughed in his face like nelson of the simpsons does. now instead of deleting the dumps till they can be redumped using a much more reliable method he posted that retarted comment. why this has anything to do with bsbt's dumps is beyond me you people read into this stuff too much.


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I know of several games where the title screen / disk art does not even say James Bond.... when you see 007 you know wtf it is the James Bond is just extra and looks like crap

for example

has both titles and looks like ass in the game list because of it


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I would like to see the Ability to leave comments for specific discs and perhaps post images

athough posting images to the site for each disc would probably run into bandwidth problems maybe allow only Dumpers to view this "extra" data giving people an incentive to becoming a dumper. should have a donate to this project link available to help fund not only the sites bandwidth but also to help some of our hard working Dumpers with compensation with aquiring said disc images.

Maybe use some of the donation money for Raffles for Dumpers where each new dump / verified disc they post earns them a "ticket"

It's a fact that no matter your gripes about the site is a great resource for disc preservation.

Dumping and hoarding then telling people to goto eBay does not solve anything and only annoys collectors. If you want to motivate others to dump / verify your images just say you will not post them for a certain period of time but outright refusing to ever upload anything is just sad.

If you arent planning on sharing your dumps why share your hash information ? If a dumper does not wish to share his dumps maybe we should have a seperate userclass for "Dump Verifier" so people will know that your "hoarding" your dumps.

as far as naming convention is concerned great stop uploading because you noone else is seeing things your way boo hoo cry more and here is a violin so you can really make us feel sorry for you.

maybe start a site called im sure you'll get alot of visitors and you can even name them how you like!