Before I go to the trouble of buying and dumping this game, do people think it's within scope for redump, or is it likely to be rejected as just being multimedia? It looks like it has enough gameplay to me:


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OK, thanks.

Do we have a policy on whether or not to include the character ">" in barcodes?

As I understand it, the human-readable representation of barcodes sometimes put a ">" at the end, e.g. like "5 030930 027902 >", but this isn't actually part of the code (i.e. a barcode scanner wouldn't see it, and a barcode for "5 030930 027902" would look exactly the same). It's put there just for padding purposes, to make sure the code will scan properly.

This Discogs thread explains it quite well:


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Thanks, all looks good so far smile

Cool, thank you.

Are video DVDs and audio CDs that come with board games and party games in scope for redump? I have a number of these, e.g.:

They aren't really videogames as such, but I do think it would be great if they were catalogued and preserved somewhere.


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I'd love a wiki account, to make minor edits to some pages.

Does DVDFab decrypt CSS? Does it make DVD-Videos regionfree? Does it remove user operation prohibitions? Any of these would change the checksum.

Do you mean when dumping video DVDs/BDs? Maybe DVDFab is patching the output.

I understand that the DNAS Disc ID (and the similar SUD ID on utility discs) is stored on PS2 discs in such a way that can only be read by the PS2 itself, using homebrew for example.

Regardless of whether those IDs are still useful or not, does that mean that we should be dumping PS2 discs differently, given the principle that we should try and preserve everything contained on the disc?

If those IDs are only readable by the PS2 itself, are there any other bits of the disc that are similarly only readable by the PS2? Maybe we should be dumping PS2 discs with PS2 optical drives?

And out of interest, where exactly are these IDs stored on the disc, and how are they only readable by the PS2? Maybe it's possible (e.g. with hacked firmware) to read them on normal optical drives after all?


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Partially answering my own question, it seems that it's just coincidence that most BBFC codes start with the text "VFC" (indeed, some later discs have codes that start "VFD" and presumably earlier ones may start with "VFA" and "VFB").

If there *is* a separate VFC coding system, I haven't managed to find anything about that.


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In the Additional Information tab in MFC, and in … Site_Codes , what's the difference between the BBFC and VFC entries? All the BBFC codes I've seen start with "VFC".

Is there a separate organisation called VFC or something?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what's the difference between "Missing dumps" and "MIA"?


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I don't know much about mould codes, but is it possible that they are typed in, in the factory, by someone copying off a piece of paper, and therefore could have O/0 transcription errors at source?