Good points all around! Even in my short time here, I've been thrilled to see that several of my dumps have been able to add previously missing information to existing listings. Happy to be a part of this awesome project!

New here, and I'm guessing this is a commonly asked question, so apologies in advance. I understand the benefit of verifying games marked blue to ensure consistency, but is there any reason for me to submit verification for games already marked green? I've seen in the game pages that multiple dumpers have verified certain games, particularly more popular ones, but I wasn't sure if that was just people uploading to be thorough with their own collections or if it was something actually recommended and helpful for the project. If it is, are some games more useful to verify than others? My guess would be that the fewer verifications there are, the more helpful another one would be, but figured I'd check. Thanks in advance!


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Thank you!