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Human error goes both ways though. It is far more likely to me that there aren't any misprints and it's simply people here on this site not knowing better and putting the wrong one in their submissions. I've seen many mould sids in various fonts on these Nintendo discs and I'm telling you flat out, there are no 0s in the third position.

Jeweler's Loupe is what people tend to recommend. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078MX3RZB?th=1


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sarami wrote:

Please write down and tell me amazon or ebay link of the disc.

This should be a 2.0.0 scooby-doo! afaict https://www.ebay.com/itm/203290414531

Alternatively I can just send you a copy if you're down for it. I really don't need 3.


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Aringon wrote:

I used multiple drives to test many times.

Only ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.02?

No, an ASUS and some random drive that I have lying around that won't work with DIC. I don't have a functioning plextor at the moment.

If you're trying to buy a copy of the disc to try yourself, grab the one without the "Fisher-Price New!" logo on the case. A lot of sellers aren't courteous enough to take photos of the disc so you'll likely need to get a sealed copy or something to be sure.


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I have 3 copies of the disc for the record, all formerly brand new and sealed. I used multiple drives to test many times. To be even more clear, it's only Scooby-Doo! 2.0.0 with the issue, so if you're testing with the 1.0.0 you won't see any problems. The C2 errors are completely random and inconsistent, even dumping the same disc twice has incredibly different results. During rereading a lot of the C2 errors magically go away until it gets stuck randomly and cant fix a sector before exiting. Settings retries to absurdly higher numbers sees thousands of C2 errors magically disappear, like they were never even there to begin with. Unfortunately as mentioned even with large amounts of retries it gets stuck randomly in a different sector every time and just exits. This is true among all copies of Scooby-Doo! 2.0.0 for the iXL, though isobuster seems to not have any issue with them.


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Seems to be a weird bug going on with this disc. Dunno if its unique to ASUS drives or not. There's a bunch of C2 errors detected that don't seem to exist, the disc is brand new and dumps perfectly in Isobuster without issue across multiple drives. edccchk.exe reports 0 Errors + Warnings on the resulting bin file. Multiple copies of this iXL disc have the same issue, it's not unique to this one disc but all copies of it in my possession. Logs attached and latest DIC release used.

C2 errors in a PS2 game shouldnt be happening, get the disc resurfaced as it's likely damaged. Either that or double check that they're actually C2 errors you're seeing and not EDC or something.

Katamari Damacy has a known issue with one print run of the game, check the redump page for the game here for details. It's almost certainly the cause of your issue here.

As for God of War II, I have no idea why you're having a problem there, there's nothing particularly remarkable about it other than the fact that it's a DVD-9 instead of a DVD-5 like most PS2 games. Make sure the disc isn't warped or damaged in some other way.

Doesn't matter if they work in your PS2, as you would need to run through the entire game and try to experience literally every piece of it in order to figure out where your issues are. Just because it boots doesn't mean it's 100% good. The inverse can also be true, I have a disc that reads fine when dumping due to better error correction on my drive, but I can't even get passed the developers logos and boot the game on console.

For the record, BCAs dont get confirmed, they can vary a lot between multiple copies of the game.

Also mould SIDs for GC are always X#X# for USA made retail discs, V961 and V980 are not correct. You're also missing the S0 on the mastering code and the PDSC.CA in additional mould text.

Make sure you also put spaces in the barcode, and double check that you've typed it correct. Should be the same as mine 0 83717 40015 8. Other than that, it looks mostly ok besides the lack of TABs.

The Wii dat, and many others, are indeed hidden from the public. These two discs will not be given some special exemption and made public. When the entire Wii dat goes public at some unknown point in the future, so too will these.

We don't accept things floating around the web to avoid muddying the waters. All submissions here must be dumped from original media, not from the internet. Also, both of those games are in the database already, it's highly likely whatever you found floating around was submitted by the original dumper here already.


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Oh, if there's a 1.00 version then yeah, you're right.


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Just Dance 3 Best Buy and Target are both in, Need for Speed Pro Street v1.01 was just recently added in the past day or two.

Fifa Soccer RY9E is indeed missing though, will be found eventually.

The submission information is a popup window asking for information about the disc that you enter in, pretty sure it can be disabled. It's definitely not required to have an account to check your PS2 stuff.

Forunately the ring codes will tell you. Datel uses unique ringcodes for every revision, we have encountered revisions of datel discs before. If your ring codes match exactly to the letter, then yes something is wrong with one of the dumps.


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Zuk60 wrote:

When I'm dumping any PS3 disc using the latest test version of DIC I encounter the following error:

LBA[000000, 0000000]: [F:ReadDiscStructure][L:1297]
    Opcode: 0xad
    ScsiStatus: 0x02 = CHECK_CONDITION
    SenseData Key-Asc-Ascq: 05-24-00 = ILLEGAL_REQUEST - INVALID FIELD IN CDB

Drive is LG BH16NS55 / FW 1.04

It's because you're not using a PS3 drive with a 3k3y so it's unable to pull the disc key. It's totally normal and expected, don't worry about it.

Yes, I mean the Mastering Code
No, Mastering Codes for PSX do not always follow that format, some do but not all.

PVD and Cuesheet will never be marked as verified, when you mark things as verified it completely locks down that part of the page and only the admin can unlock them. It's standard practice to just leave it unlocked around here since the only person that can unlock them is rather busy and not around here to do that sort of thing. It is for this same reason that you will never see a Ring Code marked as verified, even if people submit the same ones.

As far as Cue files go your assumption is wrong. Cue files are generated based off the Bin file, changing the name of the Bin file for instance would change the Cue file. If you rename the Bin, you need to edit the Cue otherwise it won't work anymore. It doesn't really make sense to "verify" the Cue file for this reason, only the Bin tracks matter for verification.

No, you can't really just submit information like ring codes etc without a redump.

If you don't want to spend the time checking languages and things, which I definitely don't hold against you because it's a pain in the ass, just fill in the relevant section with NOT CHECKED or something along those lines. I wouldn't copy data from existing entries, you never know if the person before you screwed it up and nobody noticed. I would definitely put the Region information in every time, it only takes a couple seconds to mention which Country the disc came from after all. I don't personally worry about Foreign Titles or anything like that, copy those as you wish.

Offsets for PSX discs can vary between different pressings, so it's included there if they pop up.

No, each different line isn't for a new dump. Rather they're supposed to be new lines for each new Mastering Code. A lot of people do not include the Mastering Code in their submission, since it requires tools to see, thus they added them all as separate lines. The reason you see two IFPI numbers in the Mould SID section is because it's two different discs with the same Mastering Code. It isn't strictly impossible to have two Data Mould SIDs on one disc but it is incredibly rare.

Yes, it's fine to just edit and post the contents of the txt file, you dont need to worry about the json file.

Cuesheet can be changed depending on what the Bin file dump is named, PVD should always be the same as it's part of the disc image.

That should clear up your questions? If I got anything incorrect, and I don't think I did, somebody will surely be along shortly to correct me.

Why not C:\Saturn\Zoku Hatsukoi Monogatari - Shuugaku Ryokou (Japan) (Disc 4) (Daigakusei Jidai & Koukou kara Daigaku ni Agaru ma.bin

Why do you need to put it in a folder with its name, doubling the length of the file path?