Sorry if this is a known fact, but I just wanted to point it out in case dumpers and people on Redump are confused.

Most (if not all) Asian PS2 games published by EA come in 2 variants.

- English insert + English manual
- Chinese insert + Chinese manual

Early Chinese variants still show the main title in English, with a simple Chinese title somewhere on the front of the insert. Later Chinese variants sometimes go for a full stylised Chinese title.

The point is that both variants share the same exact catalog number and the disc is the same for both variants. It looks exactly the same (always in English) and contains the game data in English.

For an example, here are some photos of LotR The Two Towers (SLPM-65212): … GfYKa?dl=0

Also don't be fooled by the SLPM code, this code was used for early Asian releases in Japanese, English and even Chinese - before they moved to SCAJ/SLAJ.

Yet the game shows 1.2 GB when inserted, not 3.5, so where's that data? I have this DVD reader that doesn't support DL discs and it dumped just 1.2 GB, while a proper DVD reader dumps 3.5 GB. o_O

Woah I had no idea, thanks! Google didn't find me any answers to PS2 DVD-5 games made with 2 layers of data...

I just dumped SCAJ-30005 which is the Traditional Chinese version of SCPS-15072, with two different drives, and both return the same size and check codes. It's around 3.5 GB and shows to be a DVD-5 in MPF's log, but it must be dual layer since it has two codes on the ring (A0 and A1), and the DVD player shows the first layer at 1.2 GB.

What's going on? Looks like the dump is correct, since it found 3.5 GB and not 1.2 GB, but why isn't MPF reporting a DVD-9?

What about Engrish? Lots of games use Engrish.


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Running Windows 7 64 bit, DICUI 1.13when I press the "Start Dumping", Windows error message "DICUI has stopped working" appears every time. When I press "Close the program", the dumping process starts... so I'm not sure if the dumping is proceeding correctly or not.

I have NET Framework 4.8 and ms visual c++ redist 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2015-2019
(both 32 and 64 bit)