eisnerguy1 wrote:

I'm not the original person that dumped the discs but, I can provide where I got them from if that helps at all.

We don't accept info from things found on the web if that's what the case is here. Only things dumped from the original media you've done yourself.

Aringon wrote:

The submission information is a popup window asking for information about the disc that you enter in, pretty sure it can be disabled. It's definitely not required to have an account to check your PS2 stuff.

It sounds like OP is referring to the console output message in DICUI before the submission info form pops up.

I know when dumping PC stuff it could take ages sometimes with that being the last message displayed due to DICUI doing protection scans. Not sure if it even scans PS2 stuff for protections as I don't know much about PS2 discs. That protection scan can be disabled though, and I disabled it because I find protectionID to be more reliable and much quicker than BurnOut which DICUI uses.

Raymond Purchase wrote:

Now I'm guessing this doesn't happen to you because you're a Forum and/or wiki member so have a username etc to be used in DICUI - I don't.

All I want to do is just validate my ISO dumps against the database but maybe you have to be a member to do so!

You don't need to have an account here to verify your dumps or to use DICUI. The username/password in DICUI is only useful when it checks to see if an existing dump is in the database for a non-public system.

To get your hashes just look in the .dat file of your dump or use any of the dozens of 3rd party hashing tools on your dumped image.

Runs fine in mednafen.


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sarami wrote:

https://github.com/saramibreak/DiscImag … g/20200716
- added: /mscf flag for cd command
- added: /avdp flag for dvd or bd command

Thanks for implementing the .cab flag.


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Nexy wrote:

sarami, please remove this cab scanning stuff, this is out of scope for DIC. Please make a separate tool or make it off by default.

I second this. I updated to the latest DIC version last night and wasted 10 mins waiting for the cab scanning which isn't really needed. I'd say leave it off by default and add a flag for those who want to enable it.

Tidegear wrote:

I get an error saying the ISO is invalid/encrypted. When I copy the ISOs to my PC the SHA1s match the Redump database perfectly. What's up?

The dumps produced by using the dumping guide are encrypted.


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We don't provide downloads of games nor discuss where to get them. This site is used to document information from dumps people do from the original media.


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I dumped a +2352 offset disc with my ASUS using the new test build. Hashes don't match my plextor dump.

Disc in question: http://redump.org/disc/66807/

Logs: https://mega.nz/#!rmgRCJaT!HGdlo_gedZ2i … 13rtgpQL9c


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sarami wrote:

Similar problem https://github.com/saramibreak/DiscImag … /issues/41
Try to use DVD model of plextor if you have.

That's a shame, but thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately my dvd model stopped recognizing 99% of discs a while back. I tried anyway to no avail.

The only drives I have at the moment are a Premium (which is what that dump was) and an ASUS (which can't dump multisession either). So I guess I'll just have to pick up another dvd model to dump this.


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Hi sarami. I ran into some issues dumping a multisession pc disc today with the latest github release where it would timeout around the end of the first session and DIC would just hang.

I used the latest test build you posted in this thread and the dump completed with some errors. I was hoping you could check the logs and let me know if the dump is ok.

The disc in question is the US version of http://redump.org/disc/56890/.

Logs: https://mega.nz/#!HvRjRAzI!g7wn70ZdO0VE … bSJDcT9nb8

If you need any more info let me know. Thanks.

If your dump matches the hashes of one already in the database it's a verification and goes in the verifications section of the forum.

zcal wrote:

Did you have luck with other dumps that you've done with Linux getting entered?

The OS you're dumping on has no bearing on when your dumps are processed. As long as you use the proper software, a compatible drive and supply all of the required info you're good.

Since there's only a handful of people who have the authority to add discs and they have to review the dump info the time it takes for a dump to be added varies. Sometimes they're added in a few hours, sometimes a few weeks.

It's already dumped: http://redump.org/disc/53518/

I'm aware, I warned him in the discord that it wasn't a place to share dumps. Even after I explained that he still posted a link to a dump in multiple channels after finding one apparently.

Maybe I worded my response here incorrectly but I was agreeing with you. I was just trying to explain that he would have to own and dump the disc himself for it to be added.

To elaborate on what F1ReB4LL said, we only take information of discs that were dumped from the actual disc using the proper tools. Not random or scene dumps found on the net. We also don't share or host the dumps themselves.

+1 from me. I meant to request adding Brazilian Portuguese as a language after dumping a game last week which had it. The USA PC version of Driv3 lists Portuguese (Brazilian) in the installer and the in game options (options menu and a mandatory language selection before the title screen) just flat out have the option as "Brazilian".

Since most of the things here revolve around accuracy it makes sense to me to make the distinction. I don't speak any flavor of Portuguese but I'm sure Brazilian speakers would appreciate knowing if the game language is their native tongue or not.

Vintagegamegirl wrote:


Distributing copyrighted works without permission is piracy and illegal.

Contrary to what you may read on "abandonware" sites just because a game is no longer sold and/or is "old" that doesn't make it legal.

You're not getting free gamez here, period.

Vintagegamegirl wrote:

they can be if it's abandonware

Abandonware is a just a term people use to morally justify sharing copyrighted materials.

I've started working on a missing list for XBOX 360 USA and would like to request a wiki account so I can update the incomplete and out-of-date current list. Thanks.


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Hiccup wrote:

I'm not sure people should really be judged on their not-entirely-related actions if they are here to contribute new dumps.

Maybe, but they haven't mentioned contributing anything. They've only mentioned "exchanging ideas" and "testing our simulator more fully" which sounds like promoting their emulator, soliciting testing from users or something along those lines. In which case their alleged code theft is directly related.

Just having people affiliated with that emulator associated with Redump could also potentially dissuade new contributors, devs/users/members from the legitimate emulators from contributing or otherwise negatively affect Redump's reputation regardless of whether the accusations against them are true.

Not that I have any sort of status here as I've just started dumping stuff and purchasing games to dump myself, but just my opinion.